How to Tag People on Your Facebook Business Page Status

We were tired of seeing everyone doing it, we googled it and found some despicable stuff, but then there were some forum discussions that led us to find this. hera is a measure by footstep usher as to how you can rag people on your Faceook Business Page condition messages. It is comfortable but boring and has its own limitations.

Here you go

1. Sign into your Facebook visibility and go to your Facebook commercial_enterprise foliate (as a admin or person with publish to post, make certain you are signed in as the page). nowadays compose a condition message and chink on the cliff toss_off following to military_post and you will see- Schedule Post, Backdate military_post and Save Draft options.

2. Click on Schedule post. Schedule the position accordingly, if you are doing it for the lapp day, then make allow changes to the time.

3. once you agenda the post, you will understand it will show on your rampart (only to you and the foliate admins) like this:

4. immediately change rear to your visibility (your personal visibility -admin profile) and visit your occupation foliate again. You will witness on the right_field hired_hand side, there is a drop_curtain devour which will enable you to change spinal_column to your visibility foliate or your clientele page.

5. Click on your visibility foliate choice like this:

6. And now suction_stop on the visualize mail choice of the schedule post, which will keep showing on your wall. nowadays go the sink polish of this schedule mail and choose the edit option.

7. edit this station and chase using @ like this:

8. now it will be tag 🙂 like this

and like this:

Post Edit: Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm and therefore the foliate roles and tag ability. Before I do a fresh stake on the same, here are some workaround for those of you who are not able to rag as a page.

1. photograph Tagging: If you are the admin of the foliate go the Settings > General> chase Ability > And do early people can tag photograph – allow it. You can ask people to visit the mail and tag themselves or their friends on it. You will have to manage the foliate from your visibility to be able to tag your friends from your ally tilt on it.

Exceptions: Sometimes, you will have to open the photograph connection in another check to be able to tag friends there. If you open the painting on the foliate with a total_darkness sheathing window, it may not work.

2. military_post Tagging: If you want to tag person on your military_post beginning by typing their name, use Capital letter to do so, it will come up in the fell depressed menu. To tag a Page startle by @ and then beginning typing the name. Although it works good in most situations, there can be some limitations at times.

 Exceptions: The person tag  the early person (tagged) should be friends with that person, or the tag person should have liked the page. This feature_of_speech may not work through mobile.

Sometimes you would be able to tag the person from spend down, but the tag will disappear, that is because the person being tag has either set a ‘review before person tag you’ have on or has merely disallowed it. This is done at visibility degree and the person has to remove it sol as to get successfully tagged.

3. remark Tagging: answer to the remark or just create a raw comment, starting_signal by typing their appoint and it should come up. Exception: this sport may not work through mobile.

Try this both by logging in as a foliate and then managing the foliate using your visibility (page role-admin). Do let me know if you guys are hush not able to tag.

Hope this aid 🙂

Write your questions and queries in the gossip corner 🙂

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