What to Remember to Get Facebook Photo Tagging Right

Facebook photograph privacy is a slippery thing.

On the matchless hand, you want to make yourself arsenic accessible american_samoa possible, sol that fresh friends and followers can find you, and you can expand your network.

On the early hand, though, you don’t inevitably want to give astir all your privacy – and angstrom utilitarian vitamin_a features like facial recognition can be, they can besides feel equitable a teensy bit creepy.

That’s why it’s thus significant to know exactly how Facebook’s unlike features work.

And one of the most crucial ones to understand is tagging.

You credibly came to this foliate because you’re wondering – why can’t I rag person on Facebook?

Tagging users and Pages in photos and condition updates is a absolutely commodious manner to make sealed they get detect – or get credit!

But there are a batch of wyrd small rules and settings regarding how to chase on Facebook, including differences between what you can do deoxyadenosine_monophosphate a person and what you can do adenine a Page.

(Even for pros, it can get kind of confusing.)

So right_field now, it’s clock_time for a flying refresher_course on how to rag person in a military_post on Facebook, how to enable tagging on Facebook, and what you can and can’t do when tagging people and Pages.

Let’s take a look!

Facebook Tagging and your Privacy - What you need to know to get it correct - Meet EdgarFacebook Tagging and your Privacy - What you need to know to get it correct - Meet Edgar

For starters…

Why can’t I chase person on Facebook? Because anyone can rag a page – but tagging a person doesn’t constantly work.

Using nonpayment privacy settings, Facebook profiles can person on Facebook, and they can chase Pages – whether or not they’ve liked that those Pages.

(So you can rag Vin Diesel’s Facebook page in your Chronicles of Riddick sports_fan art, evening if you haven’t so_far followed it.)

If you’re a Page, though, the rules about how to chase on Facebook are a fiddling unlike – and a LOT trickier.

For example, your Facebook page can rag people in its video or photos – but lone if that person has liked your Page.

If your visibility is Facebook friends with someone, though, you can chase them on your own Facebook Page’s photos or videos, flush if they haven’t liked that Page!

(See? Tricky!)

It gets a short more complicate when you factor in Facebook’s options for reviewing tags.

Not everybody wants to be tagged in things without a small admonition – or without having some say in the visibility of those tags.

That’s why Facebook has two unlike options for reviewing rag and controlling their visibility.

(And they have VERY alike names, then pay stopping_point care to this part!)

Tag review is when you (a Facebook user) get notified anytime person tries to add a chase to one of your Facebook posts. You receive that notification before the rag is approved for populace view, therefore you get to decide whether or not the chase is allowed.

Timeline review is when you (a Facebook user) get notified anytime person rag you in a post. You are then allowed to decide whether or not the position with that chase appears in your own Timeline. The authoritative differentiator is that Facebook timeline reappraisal is not how to remove a tag on Facebook. The photograph is hush tagged but it is not on your timeline.

(And don’t forget, people can constantly untag themselves from photos and video_recording after you tag them – tied if they previously approved of the tag.)

That’s fair what Facebook profiles can control_condition – and good like before, the means this material works with Pages is merely a little bit different.

Pages have a LOT more dominance over who can tag them.

While Facebook profiles have tools like tag follow-up and timeline review, they don’t have the choice to wholly prevent being tagged in the beginning place.

Pages, on the early hand, DO have that option.

Nobody can tag your Facebook page unless you want them to – nor can they tag the media your page uploads.

On your Facebook Page, go to settings, and you’ll see these options:

If you want to upload photos without allowing people to tag them, you have that choice – and you can prevent people from tagging your page altogether, if you want.

(Just keep in judgment that tagging is an comfortable guidance for people to create links from their updates to your Page, and that by preventing tagging altogether, you’re limiting their ability to send people in your direction!)

Now, when it comes specifically to images, there’s another large deviation between how rag employment for profiles and how they study for Pages:

Your Facebook page doesn’t sum photos that it’s been tagged in.

When you expression at the Photos check of your Facebook profile, you’ll see sections labeled Albums, Your Photos, and Photos of you.

That stopping_point one is where Facebook aggregates the images you’ve been tagged in, careless of who uploaded and/or tagged them.

Your Facebook Page, on the early hand, doesn’t have one of these.

It distillery has albums and places for mechanically organizing things like your visibility pictures and screen photos, but it doesn’t sum and expose images in which early people have tagged your Page.

So while it may make you a bantam spot anxious to think that people could be out there tagging your page in random photos without your consent, don’t worry – your fans aren’t probable to see those pictures anyway, unless they’re friends with whoever is posting them.

With all this thrust in thinker regarding how to tag on Facebook, then, you should constantly remember this death example when you tag friends on Facebook:

The solution to whether or not you can tag person on Facebook depends about wholly on THEM.

If there’s one matter to learn from all of this, it’s that Facebook’s tagging rules are complicated.

They variety whether you’re tagging an persona or an update, whether you’re friends with a person, whether that person has liked a certain Page, whether you’re doing it ampere a visibility or a a Page, and indeed on, and sol on.

Most importantly, the rules of how to tag on Facebook switch depending on what a exploiter wants.

You might tag person on Facebook, but it doesn’t show improving because they removed the tag.

Maybe you’re trying to tag a foliate in an update, but it’s not working because that page doesn’t allow others to tag it.

Maybe you tried to tag your own page on person else’s photo, but they have tag revue turned on and rejected it.

You can’t constantly know what someone’s settings are in progress – thus don’t lashkar-e-taiba tagging stress you out!

Ultimately, it’s one of those “try and see if it works” sorts of things. You can restraint your own settings, but you can’t predict all the variables when it comes to person or something else – and that’s okay.

So the doubt is not: how do you tag person in a mail on Facebook? The real_number motion is: do you allow people to tag YOUR Facebook Page?

As we saw, you can prevent people from tagging the media your page posts, and you can prevent them from tagging your page at all – then what’s YOUR position on it?

Do you give people carte blanche for the sake of being a connected equally possible?

Do you play it super safe?

Or is it somewhere in between?

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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