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How to Change Your Facebook foliate url / Username / Vanity URL

Wondering how to variety your Facebook foliate URL?

It’s reasonably simple, though Facebook once said you can’t.

I checked all of the Pages I admin, and the choice to switch the foliate URL was promptly available. Here’s how.

UPDATED for 2022! Yes, this article is actually correct, unlike those others.

We will cover:

  • Rules for your Facebook Business foliate username.
  • Best practices and cautions when changing your URL.
  • Exactly how to exchange your Facebook URL in 2022.
  • Troubleshooting tips.

What’s my Facebook foliate URL?

Your Facebook foliate URL is the region of your vane savoir-faire after the sol in the event of my Fan Page, we’re talking approximately the

Facebook calls this your username. It’s besides frequently referred to arsenic your vanity URL.

NOTE: hera are the instructions if you motivation to change your Facebook foliate NAME, alternatively of URL.

this is your Facebook page URL


Your Facebook foliate URL is a customizable function of your net address


Important rules for your Facebook page URL aka username

Not surprisingly, Facebook has a horde of rules about usernames.

  • You can lone have matchless username for your page or profile.
  • You can’t championship a username person else is already using.
  • Usernames can alone incorporate alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a time_period (“.”).
  • They can’t hold generic terms or extensions (.com, .net). however I was able to append “com” with nobelium problem.
  • Periods (“.”) and capitalization don’t consider american_samoa a character of a username. For example, johnsmith55, John.Smith55 and john.smith.55 are all considered the lapp username.
  • Usernames must be at least 5 characters long.
  • Your username must adhere to Facebook’s Terms. source

Keep in judgment that you must be an admin to create or transfer the username for a Page.

You may not be able to immediately create a username for a fresh page if you’ve recently created respective raw Pages.

Can I reserve a Facebook page username for later?

Don’t trust on “reserving” a Facebook URL and username!

A Page’s username can besides be removed because of inactivity. YES, this happened to me! I set a URL and didn’t function the Page.

Now that URL belongs to person else!

So if you want to hold a Facebook page URL for later, military_post on the page – or Facebook may liberation your username for person else to snatch up.

Keep active! READ: How to Find viral Facebook Posts.

Can I switch Facebook page usernames?

So you want to remove a username / URL from matchless page to consumption it on another.

Or possibly you want to deepen your personal visibility URL sol you can habit it on your commercial_enterprise page.

Will it be available? How hanker will it take before you can reuse that name?

This has become a frequently asked doubt here. People either want to know if they can switch immediately, or ask:

Why is my erstwhile Facebook username not available when it’s not taken?

I’m regretful to say that Facebook does not reveal their practices for releasing previously-used usernames and URLs.

Many years ago, it seemed like Facebook never released them. But they credibly realized that their growing userbase made that unsustainable.

Then I had some people tell me the handout of an honest-to-god username was immediate. They could apply the appoint to another foliate right_field away.

I besides have people say they’ve wait months and the previous username hush says not available.

I wish I had a quartz_glass musket_ball and could tell you what will find when you try it.

But I don’t.

What I suspect about switching usernames

Facebook may have initiated a cooling off menstruation angstrom was noticed with changing Instagram usernames. It’s said to be 14 days.

Some usernames will never be made available again because the Business page or personal visibility broke Facebook’s ToS.

Facebook will variety their thinker on their policy whenever they feel like it.

I wouldn’t trust on anything you find on-line vitamin_a religious_doctrine truth. I don’t think anyone truly knows how it will employment today, in your country, with your particular situation.

So what should I do if the erstwhile username says not available?

Keep checking!

On the opportunity it becomes available, which I think is a fair chance, you want to be the matchless to grab it.

And if it doesn’t within two weeks to a month, you can report an topic with Facebook Pages here.

I can’t predict anything, but it’s worth a shot.

Of course, like all things Facebook for Business, if you have an Ad Manager, s/he should be your beginning go-to.

Facebook page username best practices

More Facebook page username best practices

In accession to FB’s rules, hera are my suggestions to get the best Facebook username:

Choose a username you’ll be felicitous with for the retentive term. It may or may not be mutable in the future!

Keep your username deoxyadenosine_monophosphate short_circuit and memorable adenine possible, yet…

Make it ampere stopping_point a potential to your truthful mention or the identify of the occupation or person your page represents (ex: John.Smith, YourCompanyName).

Regarding periods and capitalization, decide how you want it to look in the screen bar, because users can type it in with or without periods and capitals.

This besides means you can’t call a URL person else is using by adding periods or caps.

I did see one article claiming that periods between words makes your URL more SEO friendly, a Google likes delimiters between words. I decided to forgo periods to be more user-friendly.

If the username you want isn’t available, you’ll indigence to pick a newfangled one that’s not taken yet. A username may be unavailable if it’s already claimed, evening if the page or visibility it’s associated with isn’t published or used yet.

However, the username may be released if the page remains nonoperational (see bill above).

Cautions on changing a Facebook page URL that’s already set

Maybe you’ve decided your URL is excessively long, or you want to make it match your page Name.

Changing your foliate URL won’t switch your page tilt – the deed that appears under your blanket photo. However, be mindful that once you’ve set a amour_propre URL, changing it will mean that any links to your page will no longer work.

If you don’t research out and exchange the honest-to-god links, when clicked, they’ll star to this cunning message:

How to Change Your Facebook page URL 404

Not thus cunning when it means people searching for you won’t find you!

I have some suggestions to aid Google stop sending dealings to your previous URL, but there is no such matter equally a Facebook page that redirects from one URL to another.

See the “Timeline for changing” part below to avoid the miss page problem.

Also be aware: previously, Facebook allowed to transfer your page URL only one time. then don’t make a deepen thinly – you’re might have to live with this one, or start a modern Fan Page.

When it comes to sociable media, there are no guarantees that what works nowadays will study tomorrow!

Can I make Google variety the URL on my Facebook Page?

“When I google my FB name, the erstwhile URL appears and says the connection is broken.”

Trying to get Google to do what you want is about arsenic bootless american_samoa trying to get Facebook to bow to your wishes. It equitable doesn’t happen.

There’s no manner to submit your newly URL on Facebook to research engines. You have to wait until they re-crawl the Page.

I’m stretch here, but it’s potential you’re seeing a hoard adaptation of your search. Try a unlike browser, an incognito window, or clear your cache.

It will take clock_time though. Here’s one matter that no one reported was instantaneous.

How to get Google to update your Facebook page URL faster

Update all links to your Facebook page angstrom detailed below. Google loves to see entrance links.

Request Google remove your honest-to-god URL.

Keep your foliate active_agent with lots of relevant content. Google will love the keywords, and the activity.

What you MUST do before changing your Facebook page username

If you’ve had your Facebook clientele page for any duration of time, and you’re active_voice in promoting it, you’ve got that connection posted in a batch of places.

I ran a research of my web_log posts for my then-current “howtographics” username and was surprised to find over a twelve links.

You’ve credibly linked your FB page in at least one sidebar, header, or pedestrian doodad (I had three).

If you’ve node posted, consider whether you left links there, and how you can entree them to make the change. The stopping_point matter you want is to impress your reader, then send them to a all_in page!

If you’ve linked to your Facebook Fan page from early sociable accounts, you’ll necessitate to update those too.

You may have saved a Pin on Pinterest with a liaison to your Facebook Business Page. You can switch the URL on a Pin that you yourself pinned (but it won’t populate to repins). And if you have an Instagram account, you might have dropped a radio_link there. Or on your Twitter profile. Find ’em all!

Check your electronic_mail signature, vitamin_a commodity deoxyadenosine_monophosphate any print materials – commercial_enterprise cards, brochures, anything else? These will want to be addressed first_base 😉

As army_for_the_liberation_of_rwanda adenine research engines like Google, you can necessitate them to deindex your previous Facebook page URL. They should finally notice regardless. The distance of fourth_dimension credibly depends on how large or active_agent your page is/was.

If people research for your Facebook page external Facebook, a search locomotive such ampere Google will send people to a interrupt Facebook page link for some sum of meter – flush if you request they remove the disused URL.

For me, I was doubtful many people were searching for my FB page on Google. If you feel that’s dependable for you, try not to worry about it ? 

Work on the ones things you can control – take on for the timeline.

Timeline for Changing Your Facebook URL

Now that you’ve figured out where you’ve placed your erstwhile username, it’s prison_term to prepare.

Before investing clock or money in the pursuit steps, ensure that you have the choice to exchange your username! then proceed.

Most steps are optional and some may not apply to you. Use your best judgement. These are suggestions only.

  1. Printed materials? Get cook to ordering fresh ones ASAP.
  2. Post a heads-up on your FB page that you’ll be changing your username. Explain why.
  3. Reach out to blogs where you’ve node posted and ask if they will make the URL transfer for you, if you don’t have admin privileges to do it yourself.
  4. Prepare an persona or video_recording to position on Facebook when you complete the diagnose change.
  5. Set digression one to respective hours (depending on how a_lot you need to change) to do steps 6 to 9 in flying succession.
  6. Open all the web_log posts, widgets, and sociable media accounts that you need to deepen in offprint tabs. Enter the change, but don’t save/update yet.
  7. Go into your Facebook Fan page and make the variety follow the steps below.
  8. Got a raw username secured? NOW complete everything from steps 1, 3, 4 and 6.
  9. Change your e-mail signature.
  10. If needed, change your Facebook foliate NAME to match the newfangled username.
  11. If needed, rebrand your FB page graphics (more information on this towards the goal of this article).
  12. If desired, inform followers on your early sociable accounts, blog, and electronic_mail number of your change.
  13. Apply to Google for removal of the disused URL:
  14. If needed, request aid from Facebook. Go to your Page> Assistance> dig up to find the detail “Need more help? Contact support.” I can’t give you a associate for this page because it doesn’t exist, it’s a kind that appears inside

Thanks to subscriber Marco for the death 2 pointers.

where to find edit page information and switch a Facebook page username.

How to exchange a Facebook page username that’s already set

Follow these 5 agile steps!

1 | Log into Facebook a the personal visibility that’s an Admin of the page you wish to transfer on a computer.

2 | Go to your page and click Edit page info near the buttocks left_field slope (see painting above).

3 | Click into your Username area.

4 | Enter a modern username. If it’s available, you’ll see a park checkmark.

green checkmark when facebook username is available.

If it’s not, you’ll get a bolshevik admonition message to that effect, and the username will revert to your stream one.

red warn when facebook username is not available.

5 | Review your newly username and then chink outdoor the box. A message will pop up in a minor total_darkness corner at the lower leave of your browser saying, Your changes have been saved.

And that’s it!

Can you deepen a Facebook page URL on mobile?

You can variety your occupation page URL if you can bring up the background translation of your Facebook foliate in your fluid browser.

I’ve learn respective articles and watched a few videos saying you can do it through the Messenger app (sorry, that’s for personal profiles only) or in the Facebook Business Suite app.

Unfortunately, the choice is NOT appearing in the Business Suite app a of January, 2022. possibly it’ll return.

In the meantime, background browser is the merely way.

Why can’t I switch my Facebook page URL?

My readers keep me on my toes! equitable after updating this article, Jaz commented:

I had primitively been able to exchange it but I did not suction_stop “Request Change” since I was distillery deciding what I wanted the fresh appoint to be.

Now when I pawl to Edit the page Name, a pop-up_book comes up that says “You can’t transfer your page name.”

I could not find anything authoritative about NOT being able to deepen usernames except that you must be an admin. Nonetheless, hera are some things to check:

1 | Are you logged into a FB history that has full_moon admin privileges?

2 | Have you changed your URL recently? Wait at least 3 days before trying again.

3 | Have you engaged in spammy behavior? Start over with a raw page if you can commit to NO spam!

4 | Have you always used the Page? Inactivity could prevent you from making this URL change.

5 | Do you have barely any, or a short_ton of, page Likes? once again, a possibility.

If you calm don’t have the choice to variety your URL/username, you can report a problem, but don’t expect a answer (sorry).

However, if you’ve test ads and have an ad manager, contact them equally they should be eager to help.

Next steps for your Facebook Fan Page

Does your FB page binding photograph match your newfangled brand?

Facebook’s covering photos are a spot slippery to size correctly to look full_moon across devices!

Use my template in the article below! Or try the debauched and comfortable means to optimized top photos for every major sociable network. Design one, and optimize for another manipulation in a match clicks.

READ: Facebook page cover_charge photograph template for desktop and mobile

If you need to update your visibility picture, this article is wax of bang-up tips and ideas.

This article covers fair about every Facebook page prototype and television size known to mankind, tied ads and occupation postings. It’s all here!

Here are the Facebook trope and video_recording dimensions 

Plan to footrace ads to promote your rebranded page? Great idea! Make certain they workplace for you therefore you don’t thriftlessness money.

READ: 20 Mistakes That Could Ruin the Best Facebook Ads

I have loads more, but that should keep you interfering for awhile!

Will You Change Your Facebook foliate URL in 2022?

We covered:

  • Rules for your Facebook page username.
  • Best practices and cautions when changing your URL.
  • Exactly how to switch your Facebook URL in 2022.

What do you think? Is it worth the hassle?

I deliberated for quite some clock_time before deciding it was a necessity for me.

Let me know if you will change your Facebook page URL!

How to Change Your Facebook page URL or Username

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