Do You also want to Hack Facebook Account of your Girlfriend?

We at The Hacker News get a batch of requests via emails and messages from people who want to hack into person else’s Facebook history or Gmail report or break into somebody’s network.

However, 80 to 90 percentage requests we receive every sidereal_day are from people who want to hack into their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband’s Facebook explanation in ordering to read their individual conversations and reveal their mystery relationships, if any.

Even though we powerfully deny any such requests because accessing person else’s score without their cognition or license is a crime…

…but there are demands from people – those cheated by their love, treachery of trust, driven by avarice or retaliation – to break into the Facebook accounts of early people.

So, what about Hiring a Hacker?

As money could buy everything, a military_service received a set of popularity earlier this class – evening featured on the battlefront foliate of the New York Times – claims to connect these destitute people to master hackers for rent around the world.

Hacker’s list, launched in November 2014, received more than 500 chop jobs in the time_period of equitable three months. Anyone can post or bid on a hack undertaking listed on the website.

There are around 2740 anonymous hack profiles displayed on the web_site who are cook to accomplish hacks for you if hired. Prices of hackers range from $28 to $300, and full_moon hack projects range in prices of $100 to $5000.

Payments are done anonymously — solicitation of fees when tasks are completed, cipher knows the identity of those involved in doing the work.

Hacker’s tilt claims to provide “ethical hacking” services and asks users not to “use the avail for any illegal purposes,” as laid out in its 10-page hanker terms and conditions section.

However, the activities listed on the web_site are intelligibly illegal in some cases, sol is it providing a alleged egg_white hat hack service?

Do You besides want to Hack Facebook Accounts?

Recent inquiry indicates that many of the hack tasks listed on Hacker’s list are related to breaking into Facebook accounts, hack Gmail passwords, reading person else’s chat logs from messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

In short, most of the requests from people are wholly unlawful, identical few requests are actually legal, and flush most of the already completed projects fall under the class of crime.

The statistics of inquiry conducted by security_system researchers Jonathan Mayer shows that the majority of users want to hack into somebody’s Facebook accounts, as Facebook is the most park prey of users.

Below are the stats:

  • 23% of projects relate to Facebook hacking, frequently involving a commercial_enterprise challenge or jilt romance.
  • 14% of projects relate to Google report hacking, besides involving a occupation quarrel or jilt romance.
  • 8% of projects involve students asking for University’s calculator systems to be hacked in orderliness to improve their examination grades.
  • 3% of projects involve burying some embarrass tidbit, basically an ersatz Right to be Forgotten.

Revealing True Identity of Customers

Mayer has besides noticed another interest fact that it is quite potential for anyone to reveal the truthful identity of anonymous clients who are actually asking/hiring hackers for his or her jobs.

Every exploiter registered on “Hacker’s List” web_site choose anonymous usernames in decree to keep their actual identity hidden. However, there are physiologic possibilities that most users keep their username lapp for multiple websites like I do.

Mayer explained that using a simpleton vane foliate crawler, anyone can collect all the usernames from Hacker’s list Project pages and then can cross-link each of these alleged anonymous usernames with Facebook to find active_agent profiles, possibly revealing their dependable identity, electronic_mail addresses, liaison details and early personal data.

Personally, I don’t encourage anyone to hack into the accounts of early people, and to avoid getting hacked; you should regularly update your password and keep early security_system settings tight.

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