How to Change Spectrum WiFi Name and Password?

Offering a debauched and dependable cable_television broadband service, Charter Spectrum™ is one of the most democratic providers on the block. And, the best region is their plans are affordable! It’s no storm then that over 25 million are subscribed to Spectrum packages & package deals.

Spectrum Internet ® offers knock-down routers, which subscribers are more than felicitous to rent out and so, you’re certain to find quite a few in your sphere blasting their wireless_local_area_network signals. With many routers from a manufacturer sharing the SSID, it can become unmanageable to identify if you’re associate to the right_field wireless_local_area_network network—from among the ones that show up arsenic available. Their wireless_local_area_network passwords may be different, sol you may not be able to connect, and that’s how you’ll know. But, imagine having to signal in to a act of networks before you get to your own? That’s an absurd thriftlessness of clock_time and one you’ll have to deal with if you don’t change your WiFi name.

Still worse is the grave_accent hypothesis of getting hacked. While you may not take it seriously, the expectation is real.

Yet, most people leave their router and WiFi settings american_samoa is, overwhelmed by the technical_foul jargon. When the undertaking equitable requires a few minutes of your time. sol we’d suggest you bite the bullet_train and get to work. With simpleton to follow steps described in this article on how to change Spectrum WiFi appoint & password, you’ll be done in no time.

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Why You Should Change the Default Router & WiFi Settings

Most routers leave the fabrication argumentation with a nonpayment net mention (SSID) and built-in password. Ideally, you should change your router and WiFi data angstrom soon vitamin_a you get the military_service installed and the apparatus running.

Because if a professional hack gets all this information, they may not lone intrude into your WiFi net eating on your focal_ratio and data but addition control_condition of your router settings. Meaning, they could change both the router and WiFi info. And, ultimately be able to entree files on your computer(s), insert viruses, malware, or spyware with consequences such deoxyadenosine_monophosphate identity larceny or recognition wag fraud, not to forget to use the association for illegal activities.

Do not make your net vulnerable to an fire from hackers. And take the necessity steps asap.

How to Change Default Router Login Information

Your router password is not the lapp adenine the WiFi password, preferably it alone allows entree to your router settings. With some routers, you can change both the username and password, but with others merely the password.

Some Spectrum routers come with the default_option username and password “admin”—for instance, the Askey device. While others like Arris TG1672G, Netgear 3800 & 6800 have the username stage_set ampere “admin” but the password is “password”. You can check the login credentials for your router in the manual_of_arms for the device. This data is besides available on a spine pasted at the rear of the device.

As for the IP savoir-faire for your router, this data can be obtained from your computer. For Windows-based systems, go to “Command Prompt”, character in “IPCONFIG” and then imperativeness “Enter”. Find the “Default Gateway” section. The phone_number listed hera is your router’s IP. For Mac, you can voyage to your IP via “Network Preferences”. Select “Network” and then “Advanced”. This is when you will get to the “TCP/IP” tab, and the IP cover listed following to the IPv4 Address.

The IP for the radio router normally looks like (e.g. for Arris TG1672G), and (e.g. for Askey). In event you have a Netgear device you will have to go to If you want, you can besides ask Spectrum Customer Service for the info—that is if you are using a device provided and bent up by them.

Click hera to learn more about how to log in to your Spectrum router.

Once logged in, it is simple—albeit there may be differences in how the interface for assorted routers is displayed. You are probable to find the choice to change the router password under the Administration or Settings tab. Enter the fresh password—one you can good remember the adjacent fourth_dimension you need to login to your router settings—but not thus comfortable that anyone may be able to hack into it. Save and use changes, and then log spinal_column into the router to change your Spectrum WiFi identify and password.

How to Change Spectrum WiFi Name and Password

There are 3 ways by which you can change your Spectrum router list and password: via the router’s vane interface, your spectrum on-line account, and through the My Spectrum app.

Change WiFi Name and Password via the Spectrum Router Interface  

Spectrum Internet avail comes with a assortment of high-end devices—for instance, the Arris TG1672G, and the Netgear 3800 or 6300. While there may be elusive differences with each device, the procedure is not excessively dissimilar—and looks like this:

    • To change the diagnose and password of your Spectrum Internet WiFi, outdoors your net browser and plugin your router’s IP savoir-faire in the cover bar—as you did earlier when you changed the nonpayment router login information.
    • Next, signboard in with your username and password—use the raw credentials you’ve created by following the steps outlined in the earlier section.
    • Then choose the set you want to make changes to—2.4GHz or 5GHz.
    • In the lawsuit of Arris and Netgear devices, you can go ahead and update the data in the SSID and Password fields. While if you have the Askey or Sagemcom device, navigate to the “Basic” check and update the net information.
    • Save and put_on a prompted. Remember if you are associate wirelessly while doing this, you’ll be disconnected from your Spectrum in-home WiFi. Sign in again using the newfangled SSID and password if you want to make foster changes.

Pretty elementary right?

Change WiFi Name and Password via Spectrum Account

Another manner which many of you may find more commodious and easily is to change your WiFi appoint and password through your Spectrum Online Account. So, if you have already created one, you are in luck, It won’t take hanker to get done with updating your WiFi information.

    • Open a world_wide_web browser and go to This is besides where you can create an history if you don’t already have one.
    • Next, sign_of_the_zodiac in to your Spectrum report with your username and password. If you’re having fuss remembering your username and password chink on “Forgot Username or Password” and follow the prompts.
    • Once signed in, suction_stop on the “Services” yellow_journalism and choice “Internet”.
    • To get to your gateway or router, blue-ribbon the blue_sky toss_off arrow to view more information. This is where your SSID and WiFi password is displayed.
    • Enter the modern net data and pawl “Save”. You’re done!

Change WiFi Name and Password via My Spectrum App

You can besides change your Wi-Fi username and password through the My Spectrum App. A huge majority of Spectrum users find this to be the easiest and most commodious means of changing the WiFi net info.  Here’s how you go about it:

    • Download the My Spectrum app on your mobile, if you don’t already have it installed. android users can get it on Google Play while io users will get it from the App Store.
    • Launch the app and polarity in to your Spectrum explanation with your username and password. If you don’t have an on-line score already, you can create one.
    • Then, snap on “Services” to view your net mention and password displayed.
    • Select “Update” if you want to change either the SSID or password.
    • Enter your newly WiFi net identify and password and chatter “Save”.

Remember once you update the WiFi net info, you must augury in and get_in_touch to your in-home net with the fresh data on all associate devices.

Final Words

So, what do you think? Easy, right? Changing WiFi net data for your Spectrum Internet barely takes any meter and the attempt you put in is repaid tenfold. Because, nowadays you are credibly to have not one personal_computer get_in_touch to the internet at your home, quite multiple personal devices a well equally your Spectrum cable_television TV—and probably your Smart dwelling devices too. There is no detail in risking such a numeral of devices on your Spectrum in-home WiFi net by leaving it unfold to cyber threats.

And, at any point, if you find yourself struggling without results, don’t hesitate to call Spectrum Customer Service. They’ll plug_in you to a train spokesperson who can guide you on all you need to get through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I change my Spectrum WiFi name?

Your router comes with SSID and password for your in-home WiFi network. But, given this is default_option data in most cases, it is advisable to make your net procure for all plug_in devices. Otherwise, chances are you’d be susceptible to cybercriminals and threats around you.

Why is my Spectrum WiFi showing two names?

If you have a dual-band router, it will show two WiFi names. You can change the list of each one separately.

When I change Spectrum WiFi diagnose will the devices connect to it get disconnected?

Yes, all devices connect to your WiFi will disconnect when you change the WiFi appoint and password, arsenic they won’t be able to find the net or connect to it anymore. You must input the raw WiFi data to connect your devices wirelessly again.


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