How To Change A Group Name On Facebook?

If you are an admin, you’ll be able to well change your group appoint on Facebook. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Log in to your Facebook history from your laptop or desktop

2. From the left_field slope of your news_program feed, choose the group you’d like to change the mention of

How to change facebook group identify on mobile

3. Select ‘Settings’ from the tilt of options on the left

Name and Description Setting

4. Under ‘Set up group’, pat on ‘Name and Description’

Can I Rename a Group Page on Facebook?

5. Change your group number and collision save

Facebook Group diagnose change error

If you’re wondering how to change your group appoint on iPhone, scroll down as we’ve covered that too.

You can besides seek answers to some frequently asked questions like how to change your group mention before 28 days, after 5000 members and after limit.

How to change group identify on Facebook mobile?

1. Open the Facebook app on your fluid device

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the bottom, chink on ‘Your groups’, and choice the group you want to change the tilt of

Facebook group diagnose change via Mobile

3. Click on ace picture or admin tools choice on the peak right_field and blue-ribbon ‘Group Settings’

Group Setting

4. Under ‘Set up group’, rap on ‘Name and Description’

name and description changes

5. Change your group appoint and reach save

Facebook Group Settings for Name

How to change Facebook group mention before 28 days?

You can change your Facebook group identify lone once in 28 days as per Facebook guidelines.

You can fix any spell errors and add/remove emojis within some clock_time (30 mins approximately) of changing the name.

However, you might be able to change it more than once in 28 days if your Facebook group is new.

How to change your group number after 5000 members?

You cannot change your group diagnose if your Facebook group has over 5000 members.

Facebook says, “We don’t let admins to change a group’s appoint when the group reaches 5,000 members to prevent abuse. We do this because stopping_point and populace group names, members and group descriptions are visible to anyone and may be seen as region of someone’s identity on Facebook.”

How to change Facebook group mention after limit?

There’s no potential manner to change your group identify after the terminus_ad_quem of 5000 members. But, you can see if these hacks work.

  1. Update your Facebook fluid app and then try changing the name

  2. In the event of desktop, log out of your account, conclusion the browser, open all cache, and see if you can change the name

  3. Ask your co-admin to try changing the list of your Facebook group

That’s about it.

If you’d like to learn about how you can choose a diagnose that’d aid grow your group or would like to see a list of Facebook group names to get some inspiration, refer to this web_log 👇🏻

How to choose a Facebook group appoint that helps grow your group organically

Feel rid to ask away any queries you might have! Drop them in the comments below, or you can write to us in our Facebook group where thousands of admins discuss this and more about residential_district building. 🙂

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