How to change your name on Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest websites we use to connect with friends and family, making it significant that people are actually able to find you there. 

Whether you’ve get married, are going by a unlike appoint or are trying out a fresh nickname, there are loads of reasons you might privation to switch up your Facebook mention at some detail in your account’s lifetime. 

Here’s how to go about it in eight simpleton steps (and what you can do if Facebook doesn’t approve of your raw name). 

If you’re cook to change your Facebook name, follow this usher to learn how. 

It’s crucial to note that Facebook lone allows users to change their names once every 60 days, sol brand certain you’re convinced about your choice before hitting save. 

Facebook besides has a reasonably rigorous stage_set of guidelines to prevent users from coming up with imposter names. For this reason, you’re not allowed to include any of the below: 

  • Words or phrases that go against Facebook’s Community Standards (slurs, representing dangerous individuals)
  • Words or phrases that represent organisations alternatively of persons
  • Symbols, numbers, strange capitalisation, repeating characters or punctuation
  • Characters from multiple languages
  • Titles of any kind (professional, religious) 

If your newfangled identify is rid of any of the above, you can follow the steps downstairs to get started. If it isn’t, coil to the buttocks of this foliate to learn what you can do if Facebook doesn’t like your modern name. 

What you’ll need: 

  • A Facebook account 
  • A list you’ll lack for at least 60 days

The Short Version 

  1. Go to your Facebook Settings 
  2. Find your diagnose and chink Edit
  3. Enter your newly name 
  4. Allow Facebook to review it 
  5. Enter your password and collision Save Changes 

How to change your appoint on Facebook

  1. Step

    Go to your Facebook news_program feed

    We’ll be using screenshots from the Windows browser adaptation of Facebook, but the steps on the fluid app are identical similar. You can scroll toss_off to the bed of this foliate to learn how to change your mention there.

  2. Step

    Click the arrow in the peak right_field corner

    This will bring up a drop-down menu with your history settings.

  3. Step

    Click Settings & Privacy

    This is the choice with the picture that resembles a cog.

  4. Step

    Choose Settings

    That’s the cog picture once again.

  5. Step

    Find your identify and reach Edit

    You can besides find the option to edit your username here.

  6. Step

    Type your fresh list into the field

    You can change your beginning name, center diagnose and/or surname at this stage.

  7. Step

    Click Review Change

    If your appoint is excessively short, contains strange capitalization or breaks any of Facebook’s early guidelines, you may be stopped here. If you think Facebook is wrong, scroll devour to the bottomland of this guidebook to learn what you can do to appeal that decision.

  8. Step

    Enter your password and shoot Save Changes

    That’s it! Your raw mention should appear on your report identical soon.


How do I change my identify in the mobile app? 

To change your list in the iPhone or Android app, simply open Facebook, tap on the three line menu at the acme of the page and follow the same steps listed above.

What if Facebook doesn’t like my newfangled name?

If Facebook rejects your modern diagnose for whatever reason, you can always submit a photo of your ID to the website to prove your appoint isn’t a breach of Facebook’s guidelines.

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