How do I Change Spectrum Wi-Fi Name & Password?

If you have recently received a fresh radio router or modem from Spectrum, it is significant to change your WiFi appoint and password. Changing your Wi-Fi SSID makes it comfortable to remember and does not conflict with your neighbor’s WiFi signals using the lapp nonpayment name. Moreover, it makes it unmanageable for hackers to breach your net and helps you remember the password. This usher will show you how to variety your WiFi mention and Password through, the My Spectrum app, and using a modem/router IP address.

Why should you switch Default (SSID) Network Name and Password?

When it comes to securing your dwelling internet, you must exchange the default_option SSID and password, arsenic good american_samoa the modem/router admin access. Spectrum besides recommends changing nonpayment settings to safeguard your net from unauthorized access, particularly when it comes to radio_receiver routers.

Default Network Name

Spectrum WiFi uses a default_option radio net identify that can be well recognized in the neighborhood. Sometimes it can besides conflict with your neighbor’s signals evening though you are using a unlike password. Moreover, the nonpayment SSID makes it accessible to attackers before you procure it. As a result, person may already be in your home_plate net and may have been accessing your personal data without you flush knowing.

Default Wi-Fi Password

Device manufacturer makes the majority of routers that may come with the lapp SSID and WiFi password. If you leave it unchanged, hackers will well entree your radio internet and implant malware in your network. It is besides potential for them to transfer your password and make you out. However, that can be solved with a simpleton reset.

Administrator Password

The Spectrum modem comes with the default_option “admin” username and password. For some users, it can be “ADMIN” with das_kapital letters. You can find the administrative credentials and IP savoir-faire on the rear of your equipment.

It is crucial to deepen the nonpayment administrative password of your modem if you privation to wholly fasten your base net from intruders. This way, lone you angstrom administrator can entree your modem/router settings and pulley unauthorized entree within your network.

If you don’t change your default_option password, there is a opportunity that a hack can entree your Router and lock you out of your own family network. Therefore, changing the nonpayment admin password is necessity to guarantee your internet.

Why you should frequently change your Wi-Fi list and password?

No topic how certain you are that your Wi-Fi password is secure, make it a act to change your passwords periodically. A condom time_interval between changing your password is every two to three months. This exercise will keep your Wi-Fi debauched and effective and prevent interruptions from those hooked onto your source. The act of coincident WiFi connections can affect your download focal_ratio and slow toss_off your connection.

Moreover, if you have children in your home, you should change the router default_option admin password for guard reasons. They can entree the stallion net and change Wi-Fi and parental control_condition settings.

Now without foster ado, let dive into how to change your Charter Spectrum WiFi diagnose and password:

How to change Spectrum WiFi appoint and password using LAN IP

Change WiFi Settings via Spectrum Router IP

This is an antique manner that requires a vane browser and a LAN connection, preferably Ethernet. For this method, you need a laptop connected to the Charter Spectrum Wi-Fi router via a wire association and the LAN IP.

1. Connect your Laptop to Modem/Router and launch Web Browser

First, connect your laptop or background PC to your modem or WiFi router via Ethernet cable_television and launching any net browser.

2. Enter Modem/Router IP Address

Type the IP cover mentioned on the rear of your Spectrum modem or WiFi Router and hit enter. (Note: you might see a admonition that says your joining is not private, chink on progress and proceed to next.)

3. Login with Administrator username and password

Use your admin certificate listed on the spinal_column of the modem or router. Usually, it would be admin/admin.

4. choose Wi-Fi Band

Once you successfully logged in to your router, you’ll see a crowd of options. choice 2.4GHz it will load the Basic mise_en_scene page. From there, change your SSID and then password to whatever you like. once done, imperativeness the “Apply” button, go binding to the chief page, and follow the like operation for the 5GHz band.

5. Reboot your Spectrum Router

After making the changes go second to the independent Web UI and suction_stop Router settings. then go to the Maintenance check and crush the “Restart” button. You can besides do that by turning off the Router using the push_button on the bet_on of your device.

That’s it; you have successfully changed your Spectrum router WiFi mention and password. However, there are besides surrogate ways to modify your modem and router settings using the fluid app and website.

How to change Wi-Fi password using account

Change WiFi Password via Portal

Changing your WiFi identify and password through history is reasonably easy. The Web Portal allows you to pay your Spectrum bills for Charter Internet services and update your net equipment settings. To do so, follow these elementary steps:

  • Visit and login into your account.
  • Once you are in your Account Dashboard, scroll devour and choose Internet & WiFi.
  • Now, scroll polish to “Your WiFi Networks” and pawl on the drop-down arrow icon.
  • From there, choice the “Manage Network” button.
  • Then enroll your raw WiFi list and password.
  • Click the “Save” clitoris to save settings.

Once you update your SSID, reboot your Router.

How to change Wi-Fi diagnose and password using My Spectrum App

Using My Spectrum App for iPhone and Android

Besides the customer portal, Charter Internet consumers can besides use My Spectrum App to change your equipment settings. It is easily and commodious for those who don’t have a laptop or background PC. The fluid app is available for both Android and io devices, sol you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Just download the app on your pad or phone, signal in to your customer report and follow these bare steps:

  • Launch My Spectrum App.
  • Tap on the “Services” yellow_journalism at the buttocks menu.
  • Under the “Your Spectrum Network” option, your will see your stream SSID. blue-ribbon the net appoint your lack to change.
  • Change the WiFi mention and password, and pat on the “Save” button.

Reboot your router if necessary. now reconnect to your newly revised net SSID.

How to change Spectrum Modem and Router Admin Password

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s authoritative to change the admin password of your router and modem to amply plug your network. The method_acting may vary depending on the exemplar of your equipment. here are the steps to change your modem/router administrative entree for Charter Spectrum:

  • Launch a world_wide_web browser on your computer.
  • Enter your modem/router IP savoir-faire and wardrobe enter.
  • Go to Access Control.
  • Click on the “User” tab.
  • Ensure “admin” is selected for the username.
  • Enter your erstwhile password and then a newfangled one in the fields.
  • Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Reboot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nonpayment Spectrum router IP, and how to find it?

The default_option Spectrum router IP should be or However, in some gateways of Charter Internet, it can be You can find the IP on the rear of the device.

How to find my Spectrum Wi-Fi identify and password?

Go to and log in to your account. In the Services tab, snap on Internet. To see the net SSID and password for your gateway or router, chatter on the blue downward arrow. There you will see your Spectrum Wi-Fi username and password will be displayed on this screen.

What’s the best means to remove devices from the Spectrum Wi-Fi router?

You can manage devices on your net by logging into the My Spectrum app. Tap on the Services tab_key located at the bed menu. Under devices, rap on manage devices. hera you can blue-ribbon the device you need to remove, pause and schedule pause.

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