What to Do When a Friend’s Facebook Account is Hacked or Duped

A clone Facebook history uses the appoint and photograph from a real_number report_card to antic people into giving aside info. Here’s how to recognize a clone explanation on Facebook and what to do if you suspect a friend’s score has been chop or duped.

Having your Facebook composition hack is a nightmare. When a swindler gets hold of your friend’s Facebook account, they get entree to that person’s friends list. Hackers can then employ phishing techniques, victimize early Facebook users, and spread malware to you and everyone else on that person’s Facebook friends list. It’s evening worse if your friend’s Facebook bill wasn’t hack but cloned. In that case, you’ll have no matchless else to blame but yourself for getting tricked.

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    What Is a clone Facebook Account?

    Facebook reputation clone is a simpleton scam that’s been around for years. In short, a swindler uses one of your on-line accounts to get publicly available data about you. then they affair the data found on your visibility foliate (i.e., your visibility picture, blind photo, go_steady of birth, bio, school, or work info) to create a fresh history in your name.

    They’ll consumption this report_card to magic_trick your friends into giving up their personal information, following malicious links, and participating in early scams. For example, scammers can ask a ally of yours to mail them money to help you out in a desperate situation. While a person normally won’t transport money to a strange immediately, they might do it without thinking if they believe that you (their friend) are in trouble.

    How to Recognize

    Facebook Account Cloning

    Strictly speaking, Facebook explanation clone isn’t a machine_politician but a whoremaster that cagey scammers habit to breach sociable media accounts. A clone score is a transcript of your composition that uses data from your Facebook page.

    If a swindler spends a batch of clock_time and attack duplicating your or your friend’s account, it might be unmanageable for early users to spot it immediately. However, you can manipulation one certain signal to recognize a clone bill and inform the actual reputation owner about it. This signboard is a supernumerary acquaintance request.

    If you or your friends beginning receiving twin supporter requests from person they already have on their friend’s list, that’s a open sign_of_the_zodiac of a clone Facebook account. On Facebook, if you’ve already sent a ally request to someone, you can’t station another one, arsenic there’s no such choice on the platform. sol if you get a acquaintance request from person you’re certain is already on your friends list, you can safely assume there’s a swindler behind it.

    What to Do When a Friend’s Facebook Account is Hacked or Duped

    When you suspect someone’s made a imitate of your friend’s Facebook account, hera are the things you should do immediately.

    Find the real_number Account’s Owner

    When you receive a raw supporter request from person who’s already on your friends list, there’s hush a hypothesis it’s a actual person who created a here_and_now account. Before reporting this history to Facebook, find the substantial account’s owner and ask them about the duplicate.

    Open Facebook and practice the Search routine (upper-left recess of the screen) to find the master Facebook visibility you suspect was duplicated. You can besides find the master report on your Facebook friends list.

    If the account’s owner created a newfangled Facebook profile, they credibly announced it on their master page. If you don’t find such an announcement on their page, choose Message and ask them about the second_base visibility immediately on Facebook Messenger. If they don’t know about the consequence account, let them know about Facebook explanation cloning and that person might be using their personal data without permission.

    Report a Hacked or Duped Account on Facebook

    Facebook has an algorithm that allows you to report an score you consider fake. once you’re certain the report you’re looking at is fake, follow the steps below to report a imposter bill to Facebook. The instructions differ depending on the device that you’re using.

    Follow the steps below to report a gull or hack Facebook report on the web, follow the steps below.

    1. Open Facebook on your desktop.
    2. Navigate to the history you want to report and open their visibility page.
    3. Select


      (the three horizontal dots in the peak right_field corner) >

      Find documentation or report


    1. From the


      menu, choice one of the reasons:

      Pretending to be someone


      Fake account


      Fake name

      , or something else.

    Follow the steps below to report a Facebook report on the fluid app.

    1. Open Facebook on your smartphone and voyage to the explanation that you want to report.
    2. On their visibility page, blue-ribbon



      Report profile


    1. Under

      Please choose a problem

      , choice the rationality for reporting the account.

    1. Follow the instructions and give Facebook all the required details. then blue-ribbon





    You can besides report a hack score to Facebook using the facebook.com/hacked link. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to give Facebook an overview of your site and report the leery activity. If the clone report has blocked you, you can ask your friends on Facebook to follow the lapp operation and report it to Facebook.

    You can report person pretense to be you or your ally flush if you don’t have a Facebook visibility (or don’t have entree to your Facebook visibility at the moment). To do that, follow the link, filling in the Report an imposter bill form, and submit it to Facebook.

    Report a Hacked or Duped Account in Messenger

    If you use Facebook Messenger american_samoa a standalone app, you can besides use it to report a friend’s compromised Facebook account. Accounts that pretend to be person else aren’t allowed in Messenger. Follow the steps below when you come across an report feign to be you or person else.

    1. In Messenger, find the conversation with the juke visibility and choose the

      information icon

      in the acme correct corner.

    2. Scroll toss_off until you see


      and choice



    1. Select the cause for reporting the conversation, like

      Pretending to be someone

      . then blue-ribbon who this person is dissemble to be:



      A friend


      A celebrity


    1. Select

      Submit Report

      to confirm.

    How to Protect Your Friends (and Yourself) From Hackers

    There are respective techniques a Facebook exploiter can employ to protect their history from hackers. If you want to prevent your friend’s report from being compromised or duplicated, parcel the following privacy and security_system tips with them.

    Hide Your Facebook Friends List

    After a hack creates a double of your explanation on Facebook, they’ll startle targeting the people found on your friends tilt and commit them forge acquaintance requests. To avoid that, you can merely hide your Facebook friends act from early users.

    To do that, go to your Facebook score settings and follow the way Settings > Privacy > How people can find and contact you > Who can see your friends list? On the correct side, choose Edit and choose one of the options from the drop-down menu. If you want to make your friends tilt private, choice lone me.

    Make Your Facebook Account Private

    After you make your Facebook friends phone_number private, you can take it one measure further and make your unharmed Facebook report private. You can do it in your account’s privacy settings.

    Check Your Facebook Security Settings

    Even if you believe you have a potent password on Facebook, that’s not constantly adequate to protect yourself from hackers. To be safe, we recommend going through your account’s security_system settings on Facebook.

    You can set up excess security_system measures in the Security and login section, like turning on alerts about unrecognized logins and two-factor authentication.

    When you switch the two-factor authentication on, Facebook will air a textbook message with a alone code to your telephone numeral every fourth_dimension there’s a login try from an unrecognized device. This makes it a_lot harder for hackers to get into your Facebook account.

    What’s Next?

    When you find out that your friend’s Facebook bill was compromised or duplicated, the most significant matter to do is report it to Facebook angstrom soon vitamin_a possible. After that, you can let your early Facebook friends know about the extra so they can besides report it deoxyadenosine_monophosphate fake.

    Creating fudge or twin accounts goes against Facebook guidelines, and they take these reports seriously. If Facebook gets respective reports about the lapp account, they’re probable to move promptly and take the talk_through_one’s_hat report devour earlier any price is done.

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