Your Facebook Account Was Hacked? 4 Things to Do Immediately

Suspect your Facebook history was hacked? Learn how to find out for sure, and steps you should follow to fix it.

The mum conflict of thousands of Facebook users whose accounts have been chop outside of major breaches rarely makes headlines. Facebook itself doesn’t offer a_lot but a rampart of silence. Are you certain your report hasn’t been compromised?

If you suspect that your Facebook password was leaked or that your explanation was breached, work fast! Facebook hackers could lock you out of your score and hassle your friends and family. Secure your Facebook report nowadays and get it rear before it’s excessively late. We’ll show you how.

How to Know Whether Your Facebook Account Was Hacked

So, how do you know if your Facebook bill was hacked? If a Facebook hack manages to get into your account, they will leave a trace.

To check for traces, logarithm into your Facebook report and chink the arrowhead in the peak right_field to expand the Account menu. From that menu, choice Settings & privacy > Settings and go to Security and Login.

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At the identical top, you’ll see a tilt of devices from which you’ve most recently logged into your Facebook history and when they were active.

Facebook Security and Login Settings with dissemble of devices that were logged in last.

Click See More to expand that tilt and reappraisal older sessions.

Other signs that your report may have been hack include:

  • Your personal data, including your password, electronic_mail address, telephone number, or appoint were changed by a one-third party. inside Settings > General, check your full_moon Contact information, i.e. suction_stop the respective battlefield to expand it. You can see all earphone numbers associated with your explanation under Settings > Mobile.
  • Friend requests and person messages were sent from your score without your doing. Within Settings, go to Your Facebook data > Access Your Information and expression over the assorted details there.
  • Your timeline contains posts you didn’t add or permit. To see your timeline, pawl your visibility painting in the acme correct or, if you can’t see it there, snap the ground_beef menu icon, then you should see your mental_picture in the circus_tent left.

If you’re using Facebook to log into early applications, like Spotify or Instagram, we powerfully recommend changing the respective logins or tightening your Facebook security_system to secure these third-party accounts.

If you spot any leery action in your logins or have seen one or more of these early signs, you’ll find what you need to do below…

What to Do If Your Facebook Account Was Hacked

If you have confirmed that your report has been compromised, hera are the steps you should follow…

1a. Change Your Facebook Password

In event your Facebook hack hasn’t changed your password, you got lucky! immediately update your password before you log out of fishy sessions (you don’t want to alert the hacker). If it’s besides late, mind to measure 1b.

Under Settings > Security and Login, coil toss_off to Login and chatter Change password. Enter your stream password, set a potent fresh password, and snap Save Changes.

Facebook Change Password Screen

Next, you should see a Password Changed ratification windowpane that lets you Review early devices or Stay logged in. Choose the erstwhile and cluck Continue. In my case, this actually didn’t do much, but it’s decent to see this reminder.

Facebook password changed confirmation with choice to follow-up early devices or stay logged in.

Log Out of Facebook Sessions

After changing your password, scroll spinal_column astir to Where You’re Logged In. Either Log Out of person sessions by clicking the three upright dots or chink the Log Out Of All Sessions choice in the bottom-right after expanding the list.

Do this lone if you’re certain you can log binding in.

Facebook sessions you're logged into with option to log out of school_term or claim that it's not you.

We recommend logging out completely, provided your liaison details and security_system settings are improving to date. You don’t want to jeopardize your means of logging second in. If you’re unsure, manually log out of all holocene sessions that seem suspicious.

Secure Your Account

You besides have the option to earmark individual sessions arsenic Not You. This will bring astir a pop-up_book screening details of that session.

Facebook Was This You dialogue display details of a device-specific Facebook seance with placement data and stopping_point activity.

Click Secure Account if you don’t recognize the location, device, and death activity. Click Get Started to trigger an automatize bit-by-bit procedure of securing your account.

Facebook Secure Your Account routine that helps you revue your personal data.

The following blind summarizes the steps of the process. Click Continue.

Facebook phone_number of steps of keeping your bill secure.

When you’re done, you’ll be sent bet_on to your feed. If you hush think your report has been compromised, proceed to Step 3.

1b. Reset Your Facebook Password

If the hack did variety your password, and you need to recover your Facebook account, act quickly. Try to regain access. There is a Forgot your password? connection underneath the Facebook login:

Facebook Login window

This will let you retrieve your password in respective ways. First, you’ll have to Find Your Account. You can either enter the e-mail savoir-faire you used to register with Facebook or any early secondary_coil electronic_mail cover you added, american_samoa good angstrom your call number.

Facebook Find Your Account

If Facebook can find your account, you can choose how to Reset Your Password.

If the hack changed your e-mail address, you should have received a message to the master address. Find this message because it contains a particular connection that will let you reverse the switch and secure your account.

In my case, Facebook offered to send a convalescence code to any of the electronic_mail addresses I added to my account. We highly recommend that you specify multiple stand-in e-mail addresses. Remember that you must keep those accounts evenly secure, at least by using a potent password and ideally by enabling two-factor authentication on your electronic_mail accounts.

Facebook Reset Your Password

Use the No long have entree to these? liaison if that’s the case. Facebook will ask how they can reach you to verify your identity. This can take a while.

If you believe that the Facebook hack who has entree to your history has been abusing it, proceed to footstep 2.

2. Report the Facebook Hack

If your report wasn’t merely hacked, but is sending out ads and spam to your friends, you must report it vitamin_a compromised to Facebook using

Facebook Report Compromised Account

You can besides use this in lawsuit you have lost entree to your explanation by means of a phishing attack. Facebook will help you recover entree to your account.

3. Remove Suspicious Applications

Oftentimes, it’s not an malefic person that randomly hack your account. You may equitable have granted entree to a malicious Facebook lotion that subsequently hijacked your account.

To remove leery applications, go to Settings > Apps and Websites and go through the list. Click See More to expand the tilt of Active apps and websites, set a checkmark on apps or websites you’d like to remove, suction_stop the Remove push_button in the top-right, and confirm whether you’d besides like to “delete posts, photos or events posted on your timeline” from these sources.

Facebook act of active_agent apps and websites.

We besides recommend removing all Expired apps and websites.

Alternatively, pawl the View and Edit radio_link and exchange the app’s permissions, which includes options like app visibility, entree to your personal information, and actions it can take.

Edit Facebook Apps and Websites Permissions

4. Do Damage Control

After doing everything you can to regain control_condition over your hack Facebook score and preventing foster damage, inform your friends and class about what is going on.

This is a precautionary gradation in subject the hack has used your report to reach out to people. If you soon can’t entree your account, reach your Facebook friends through other sociable networks, by email, or have a common ally inform them via Facebook.

Improving Facebook’s Privacy and Security Settings

Once you’re rear in control, we highly recommend that you recapitulation your Facebook settings.

  • Under Settings > General, update your touch details, and add supernumerary e-mail addresses or fluid telephone numbers that you have entree to. Likewise, remove those you nobelium long have entree to.
  • Head to Settings > Security and Login to set improving excess security_system measures, including alerts about unrecognized logins, two-factor authentication, and choose three to five trust friends who can help you to recover your bill should you get locked out.
  • Under Settings > Privacy, choose the privacy settings you’re comfortable with. We recommend letting alone friends see your future posts and retroactively limiting the visibility of by posts.

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Note that the one most significant security_system feature_of_speech you can enable on any of your accounts is two-factor authentication. We powerfully recommend that you set up two-factor authentication on your sociable accounts that offer this feature. You can use Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator with Facebook.

How Do You Keep Your Facebook Account Safe?

Once you get hacked, you’re forced to learn about all the mistakes you made. And hopefully, you’ll never make them again.

This is the clock_time to learn how hackers can fire your privacy and how to protect yourself against them. Hackers never stop evolving, so your cognition of their tactics needs to keep up.

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