‘Facebook Account Hacked, Do Not Accept My Friend Request’

The messages are urgent, and they’re filling up Facebook timelines and being sent via Facebook Messenger.

I received respective messages like these over the weekend, like a thunderbolt out of the blue_sky sky: “My Facebook history has been hacked, please do not accept my ally request!”

I could tell some of the messages coming in expressed frustration at Facebook and the state_of_matter of cybersecurity in general:


Other messages I received were more about confusion, which was another major subject from Facebook users:


Is the Facebook report chop message a hoax?

So what’s the real_number story: Is hacking abruptly rampant on Facebook and nothing is to be believed? Was your Facebook explanation hack and sending out acquaintance requests?

In most cases, your score was not hacked. Again, in most cases.

The Louisiana Homeland Security Office has obviously been getting an earful, or eyeful, from Facebook users who have allegedly been hacked, and the agency issued this argument on Facebook:


You can stop advancing that latest warning from your Facebook friends about being hacked. You weren’t. It’s bogus. And you’re equitable making it worse.

It starts out: “Hi…I actually got another supporter request from you yesterday…which I ignored sol you may want to check your account…”

Then it tells you to “hold your feel on the message until the forth push_button appears…then hit forward….”

Your report isn’t sending supernumerary ally requests. And you didn’t receive a request from the person you’re forwarding it to. You’re merely doing it because the message tells you to.


Otherwise, you become one of the reasons why the fraud is spreading thus fast.

There was a clone epidemic on Facebook 18 months or then ago. That was genuine. And people hush do get hacked.

The message that went viral these by few days is different, however:
It urges you to ahead it to “all the people you want to ahead to” – which many take to mean all their friends.

So in most cases, this is equitable a recycled tactic by cyber troublemakers, kind of a digital range letter of sorts, that seems credible because of  Facebook’s holocene announcement that at least 50 million accounts were hacked. That’s 50 million accounts out of billions of users.

And in this sidereal_day and age, when we’re trying to be excess careful about cybersecurity, many are flying on the gun_trigger because we want to warn our friends. It makes sense.

And it is besides a actual animation model of how misinformation and a Facebook or sociable media fraud can quickly spread.

Hacking and clone and friending on Facebook

So here’s where we stand:

  • Most of the “I’ve been hacked” messages you’re receiving are bogus; people are reacting to a imposter message from “their friend.”
  • Never accept acquaintance requests unless you know the people you are friending. evening people with pictures can be fake. They can evening be bots created by russian or early alien intelligence. Russia wants to mess with us— and it fair did it again by Hacking Its Olympic Enemies—so it could steal info and use it as disinformation.
  • Some people do get hacked, and some cyber regretful actors do twin or clone accounts with your painting and information. It’s nothing personal (usually), but it is large commercial_enterprise with money to be made. However, this character of action is happening at a a_lot lower degree than the rampant gap of the latest Facebook friending hoax.
  • If you truly believe your Facebook bill (or early sociable media) is hack or cloned, advise Facebook’s aid center. here is the topographic_point in Facebook’s assistant center_field to report a hack or cloned Facebook account.

In the digital world, it’s difficult to know what is substantial on the early goal of your device—and what is not. Hopefully this military_post will help. #CyberAware

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