Lily of the Valley and the Hawthorn | May Month Birth Flowers

May Birth month flowers are lilies of the valley and the hawthorn.

If you are a May baby, the lilies of the valley and hawthorn are your birth month flowers. The May blooms signify the renewal of spring after the April showers.

There is a girl in the Valley.

The lilies of the valley have delicate bell-shaped blooms. It is a very poisonous plant if you eat it. The poison Walter White used to poison his drug dealer was derived from the lilies of the valley flowers. There is a belief that bells can summon good spirits and that small blooms can communicate with the outside world. You will find them around homes to help ward off bad luck, like when Walter White spotted the flower.

The lilies of the valley were brought to Europe from Japan. They are known for their ability to spread quickly and overtake gardens. The scientific name for the lilies of the valley is majalis, which means “ belonging to May ”.

This flower is used to celebrate May Day in France. According to French tradition, May Day began on May 1, 1561 when King Charles the 9th gave the valley flowers to bring him good luck. Labor Day in France is celebrated with lilies of the valley flowers. The flower has been linked to worker ‘s rights movements because demonstrators wear the flower on their lapels. On May 1st, anyone can sell lilies of the valley flowers on the streets of France. They can sell flowers tax free if they conform to a few regulations, such as maintaining a certain amount of distance from other florists and not selling any other flowers.

Orgins is a biblical word.

The lilies of the valley are associated with purity and humility in the Christian religion. The flower came out of Eve ‘s tears when she was exiled from the Garden ofEDEN. Mary ‘s tears that were shed during the crucifixion of Jesus are referred to as “ Our Lady Tears ” and “ Mary ‘s Tears ”. The second chapter of the Old Testament book, Song of Solomon, states that the lilies of the valley are mentioned 15 times in the Bible.


The hawthorn flower is found outdoors. Being a flower alone. There are hundreds of Hawthorn species in Missouri. There are five petals in the white blossoms. The Hawthorn tree has small, red, berry-like fruit. Hawthorns are a part of the rose family and grow like hedges in the landscape.

The folklore is based on the Hawthorn tree. Bringing the branches inside your home is worse than cutting the tree because it is said to cause bad luck. It is said that the witches used the branches for brooms. There are many uses for the Hawthorn.

  • The berries have been associated with treatments for asthma, heart problems, diabetes, some cancers, and certain infections.
  • Hawthorn berries are used in jams, syrups, and teas.
  • Hawthorn berries are used to treat indigestion and stomach pain.

The Hawthorn flower is not often seen in bouquets. They are occasionally used to add splashes of color.

There are petals and Pinot.

A bouquet of lilies of the valley along with bright red Hawthorn berries is a great Mother ‘s Day gift. We can design and deliver your arrangements in Lewisville, Flower Mound, Carrollton, and surrounding areas. Send a flower arrangement for a birthday, Mother ‘s Day, funeral or just because.

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