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It ‘s possible that a substitution is necessary to make sure your gift is delivered in a timely manner. It is important that your order is as similar to the requested item as possible.

Why do they happen ?

Some flowers may be out of stock or not available. Every flower in every color ca n’t be kept in stock at all times because there are hundreds of flower arrangements and bouquets on our website. If something is n’t available for your arrangement, the designer will pick either the same flower in a similar color or another flower in the same color. The original style and color scheme will be followed in all scenarios.

There are flowers.

If at all possible, the colors shown online will be used in the arrangement, even if it means substituting other flowers of equal or greater value.

  • We will make every attempt to match the flower type, but may substitute with another color for one-of-a-kind flower arrangements.
  • A similar container will be used if the floral container shown online is not available.

There are flowers in peak form on our website. The recipient will be able to enjoy the flowers for the rest of their lives if they are closed or tight. Allow the blooms to open naturally.

There are containers and vases.

Specific containers or unique vases may not always be in stock. This is common during holidays when containers sell out. The designer will choose a container that is as close to your selected container as possible.

There are stuffed animals and gifts.

Many of the stuffed animals we offer are items that are shipped directly to the recipient. The designer will choose a plush animal as close to the one pictured as possible. Since plush are constantly coming in and out of stock, your order will be filled as close as possible and filled to the same value.

Food and chocolate gifts.

The chocolate assortments and gift baskets we use are subject to availability. The items pictured are a representation of what could be expected. If the pictured items are unavailable, we will replace them with other items that are the same or greater in value. The total value of your item will not be reduced.

There are balloons.

  • There are different balloon styles. The balloon bouquets are a representation of what will arrive. We do n’t know if the specific styles shown will be the ones delivered. We will always choose the correct occasion when it comes to colors and styles.
  • Similar plants may be substituted for green and blooming plants.
  • We will try to match the plant type, but may substitute with another variety.
  • A similar container will be used if the plant container shown online is not available.

There are product pricing and delivery charges.

  • The prices of all products on our website are based on the costs of flowers, plants, containers and materials in our area. Cost can be different in different parts of the country. We will reach out to you with options if our delivery service costs more. We will offer you the lowest price in all scenarios.
  • If your order is being delivered to a distant area with little to no delivery coverage, we may need a price increase to cover the added delivery expense. The charge depends on a number of variables. We will get in touch with you to get your approval.

Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and internationally are where orders are being delivered.

  • Flower, container and labor costs can vary a lot outside of the US. As close to item as possible, these orders will be filled. Local styles, trends and availability can affect Stem count and overall design. It is common for substitution to occur in these areas. We do n’t know if the item delivered will match the container or flowers shown in the picture.
  • Due to time zones, some areas may need to substitute in order to deliver on the requested date.

The address of the delivery.

  • Some military bases can only be delivered via USPS. We only recommend non-perishable gifts in these cases. If the base you are sending falls into this scenario, we will contact you. When shopping for a gift, we recommend looking at the Gifts to APO Addresses section.

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