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My mother used to watch this movie and have the titles in book form when I was a child. I read the book and it was very good, sadly it was n’t as good as the movie. The story is about a family who used to be very happy. They hit hard times in this movie. Major plot points for you would be given away by that. Four children and their mother have to return in poverty and destitution to their grandmother ‘s home for help after an unhappy turn of events. The mother wants to win back her father ‘s love to inherit a fortune that the kids had never dreamed of. The main villain of the movie is shown when the group enters the grounds of the mansion. Grandmother and her bodyguard. Grandmother is not happy to see her daughter for the first time in a long time and bring four demons with her. This is what she refers to them as. Louise Fletcher plays Grandmother, she is wonderful. This is a movie that was made before she got good roles such as Buffy. This movie only has Mrs. The only person who can act is Fletcher. Grandmother punishes the mother for leaving her husband years earlier and making life hell for the children. Mother tells the children of an attic above their room. For a long time, they use this place to escape reality. As time goes on, they realize Mother does n’t love them as much as they thought, and decide it ‘s time to take a break. This is what the film is supposed to do, because the movie is very depressing. The director wanted you to feel like they were trapped in that attic as the kids were. I give it a 5, because it does succeed in some areas. You get angry at her character because of her acting. If you watch, you ‘ll understand that I mean bad-acting, scenes which made no sense at times, and plot points which were utterly useless. If I remember correctly, the time frame for which these events took place was very detailed in the book. It ‘s good for a one time watch, but there are better movies that do what this one tries to do. When I was younger, I remember it being very good. I could ‘ve easily bypassed it now that it seems like a straight-to-video rant.

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