Dutch eccentrics with genius minds and love flowers are what these people have in common. Piet Mondrian painted flowers in between his abstract works. The way in which they bloom, their rich symbolism, and their wealth of color are beloved in every era.

The photographer Elspeth Diederix has a living light plant, as well as a tulip chair, a digital flower still life, and Ermi van Oers ‘ Living Light plants. You can get a kaleidoscope of flower impressions by searching for these names.

The first glory days of Dutch flowers were in the 17th century. Since flowers remained fresh for a limited amount of time and people wanted to enjoy them throughout the year, still life paintings became more popular. There was a still life painting that contained many flowers that did not bloom at the same time. Slowly but surely, painting flowers became an art.

It was a popular genre from the 17th to the 19th century. The Dutch brothers traveled to Paris to paint flowers on walls, canvas and tiles at the royal court of King Louis XIV. At the end of the 19th century, Vincent van Gogh started to paint flowers and flower still lifes. The first time Van Gogh painted sunflowers, he kept coming back to them. When he lived in France with Paul Gauguin, he wrote a letter to his brother Theo in which he said the sunflowers belonged to him.

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The act of cutting off his own ear was a reflection of his mental illness. We enjoy his work even though he was suffering at the time. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has 200 paintings and 500 drawings on display and also runs a great museum shop with a range of products featuring the great painter ‘s work.

The Dutch are strong. Piet Oudolf, the landscape architect from Hummelo, became world-famous thanks to his grass gardens, but also designed the gardens around Museum Voorlinden. A thinker who saw the beauty of plants and flowers after they bloomed. He gave dead plants and weeds a new lease on life. The stuff must always be flowering and look perfect in the garden. I let go of that idea. Many plants look good for a long time after they die.

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