70+ Best Wrist Tattoo Design Ideas: Body Art Pieces To Make You Pop Out

The wrist is one of the most visible parts of the body. This skin area is where you want to show off your tattoo. Wrist tattoos can speak a lot about your character. This is a reason to have wrist tattoos.

The body art pieces on leading celebrities and ordinary people are fascinating.

What makes tattoos special, as well as the meanings behind their designs, will be learned by tattoo enthusiasts today.

Wrist tattoos have a history.

Many centuries ago, ink designs were used to protect people against illness.

It was thought that special carvings of design in the wrist area or upper limb body parts were meant to protect humans from witches.

No illness would harm them if the ink went through the skin.

The inhabitants of the planet believed that wrist tattoos were cool and accepted by the majority of the people.

Sailors and Seafarers adopted wrist tattoos for different reasons after the time had passed. The wrist ink pieces were believed to keep them safe until they reached the coast.

Today, the meaning of wrist tattoos is more superficial, and people choose to get inked in this body area for pure inspiration.

Powerful messages that ink lovers choose engraved on their wrist are inspired by one of the most popular wrist tattoo designs. These tattoos will send a message of empowerment during hard times.

On the other hand, celebrities will make an appointment to get their wrists tattooed to send a message to their audience.

A microphone with a powerful message is a powerful way to say something. Most of the time, these stars put a powerful image on their wrist.

A beautiful engraved ink design that should expose a message or a powerful image is what tattoos on the wrists are made of these days.

Is Wrist Tattoos Painful ?

Regardless of the body part you choose, tattoos are dangerous. Some areas hurt more than others.

The needle goes close to the flesh in those areas where the skin is thinner. Many people complain about the pain of wrist tattoos.

As in most tattoos and inked body arts, some people say that pain is not as bad as other parts of the body.

It depends on people ‘s tolerance to pain. You should keep in mind that tattooing on any part of your body can be painful, so be careful.

You can choose your next body art piece.

Do you want to get your first wrist tattoo, but do n’t know what to do ?

Wrist tattoos are small.

Tiny Wrist Tattoos 1Tiny Wrist Tattoos 1
Tiny Wrist Tattoos 2Tiny Wrist Tattoos 2
Tiny Wrist Tattoos 3Tiny Wrist Tattoos 3

Whether it is a small butterfly, chemical formula, or a significant number, tiny wrist tattoos are ideal for this body area.

The most small tattoos are always an option to consider. The location will look great with sleek designs.

Simple ideas are timeless and trendy, so consider having dates, numbers, flowers, lyrics, phrases, crowns, hearts, birds, and other incredible pieces.

Wrist tattoos are meaningful.

Meaningful Wrist Tattoos 1Meaningful Wrist Tattoos 1
Meaningful Wrist Tattoos 2Meaningful Wrist Tattoos 2
Meaningful Wrist Tattoos 3Meaningful Wrist Tattoos 3

When it comes to wrist tattoos, some people choose to have simple, fabulous designs, while others go for something more meaningful.

The tattoo will serve as a reminder of what it stands for since the body spot is prominent.

The final result is something that truly speaks to you, so I recommend you dig deep for inspiration. A wrist tattoo will always be remembered, whether it is a memory, a particular year, or the name of a loved one.

There is a tattoo on the wrist of a tribe.

Tribal Wrist Tattoo 1Tribal Wrist Tattoo 1
Tribal Wrist Tattoo 2Tribal Wrist Tattoo 2
Tribal Wrist Tattoo 3Tribal Wrist Tattoo 3

If you want your tattoo to be one of a kind, and to have a unique shading and styling body art piece, consider the tribal wrist tattoos.

The tribal ideas can be wrapped around the wrist to make a bracelet or wristband.

To have a tattoo design that truly stands for you, consider the examples above.

Wrist tattoos are made of bracelets.

Bracelets Wrist Tattoos 1Bracelets Wrist Tattoos 1
Bracelets Wrist Tattoos 2Bracelets Wrist Tattoos 2
Bracelets Wrist Tattoos 3Bracelets Wrist Tattoos 3

These tattoos are made to look like you are wearing a bracelet all the time. You can add a lot of elements to your wrist tattoo if you choose some straight lines.

The bracelets wrist tattoos are some of the most creative designs to choose from, especially for women.

There is a tattoo of Morning Glory flowers.

Morning Glory Flowers TattooMorning Glory Flowers Tattoo
Morning Glory Flowers Tattoo 3Morning Glory Flowers Tattoo 3

The floral tattoos are one of the prettiest on the wrist. The Morning Glory is a wrist body art piece that makes a unique impression.

If the plants are shaded in beautiful dark colors at their edges, they will attract a lot of attention. If you want to show off the sensitive part of your soul, get some inspiration from the images above.

Musical notes are tattooed.

Musical Notes Tattoo 1Musical Notes Tattoo 1
Musical Notes Tattoo 2Musical Notes Tattoo 2
Musical Notes Tattoo 3Musical Notes Tattoo 3

If you are a fan of music, then wrist tattoos are a great way to show your appreciation.

You can show your love for music by tattooing it on your wrist.

These tattoos are a potent symbol for passionate artists, the history of music, or those who have a whole career in this domain.

The wrist is the perfect canvas for a tattoo.

There are maps on the wrist.

Maps Tattoo On The WristMaps Tattoo On The Wrist
Maps Tattoo On The Wrist 2Maps Tattoo On The Wrist 2
Maps Tattoo On The Wrist 3Maps Tattoo On The Wrist 3

The map tattoo on the wrist is a great way to explore the world.

This design has the world ‘s map with all the continents beautifully drawn on the skin.

The perfect color for this tattoo idea is black, but you can go for colorful shades if you are more of a joyful person.

The Wrist Knot is a tattoo.

The Wrist Knot Tattoo 1The Wrist Knot Tattoo 1
The Wrist Knot Tattoo 2The Wrist Knot Tattoo 2
The Wrist Knot Tattoo 3The Wrist Knot Tattoo 3

Knots are usually for strong connections. It will appear like you want to express a strong relationship with someone if you ink yourself this design on your wrist.

A piece of clothing or rope can be used to make a knot on the wrist.

Tell the artist to adopt a minimalist approach with fine lines or go bigger and try a wristband with lots of details. The tattoo design will make a great final impression.

The Wrist Tattoo is called Carpe Diem.

Carpe Diem Wrist Tattoo 1Carpe Diem Wrist Tattoo 1
Carpe Diem Wrist Tattoo 2Carpe Diem Wrist Tattoo 2
Carpe Diem Wrist Tattoo 3Carpe Diem Wrist Tattoo 3

People feel more confident when they see some genuinely encouraging words all the time.

The message of “ Carpe Diem ” is to live every minute like it is the last one of your life.

You can show your support for the people around you by inking them on the wrist. The letters tell people to enjoy the small pleasures of life and not worry about the future.

If you are looking for a great design as well as a powerful message on the wrist, Carpe Diem is the one.

There are joyful tattoos.

Joyful Tattoos 1Joyful Tattoos 1
Joyful Tattoos 2Joyful Tattoos 2
Joyful Tattoos 3Joyful Tattoos 3

Find a symbol for the happy thoughts. The small wrist tattoos are a wonderful way to celebrate happiness.

If you want to give yourself a joyful ink present, choose to tattoo yourself with a rainbow, some minimal colorful birds, or a flower bracelet.

There is a tattoo of the love.

The Love Tattoo 1The Love Tattoo 1
The Love Tattoo 2The Love Tattoo 2
The Love Tattoo 3The Love Tattoo 3

According to famous philosophers, love is all we need and all that matters.

If you want to show you are a loving person, you can tattoo yourself with a love symbol on your wrist. The wrist area is perfect for the terms.

Draw the tattoo in italics to make it look better and make you love it.

There is a flower tattoo.

Lisianthus Flower Tattoo 1Lisianthus Flower Tattoo 1
Lisianthus Flower Tattoo 2Lisianthus Flower Tattoo 2
Lisianthus Flower Tattoo 3Lisianthus Flower Tattoo 3

If you are a compassionate and delicate person, look for a feminine wrist tattoo to show your love for nature. If you find a good tattoo artist, you will get a flower.

The Lisianthus wrist tattoo flower will make you look young, tender, sensitive, and loving. If you make this wrist tattoo look like it is spreading along your wrist, you will get a powerful visual impact.

There is a butterfly wrist tattoo.

Butterfly Wrist Tattoo 1Butterfly Wrist Tattoo 1
Butterfly Wrist Tattoo 2Butterfly Wrist Tattoo 2
Butterfly Wrist Tattoo 3Butterfly Wrist Tattoo 3

The butterfly wrist tattoo is a timeless, tender, joyful, playful, and versatile type of wrist tattoo. It has lots of shapes, ink patterns, colors, and styles.

It can be made to look discreet, childish, and always trendy.

The tattoo on the Wrist.

The Feather Wrist Tattoo 1The Feather Wrist Tattoo 1
The Feather Wrist Tattoo 2The Feather Wrist Tattoo 2
The Feather Wrist Tattoo 3The Feather Wrist Tattoo 3

The wrist feather tattoos are very strong and delicate. Some words or numbers can be added to the design if you choose a small size.

feathers are symbols of delicacy and are a great way to show your love for birds

There is a tattoo on the Wristband.

Wristband Tattoo 1Wristband Tattoo 1
Wristband Tattoo 2Wristband Tattoo 2
Wristband Tattoo 3Wristband Tattoo 3

The wristband tattoo is one of the most popular designs for wrist tattoos. The ink on the hand looks like a piece of jewelry. It is easy to personalize this type of wrist tattoo.

Women should go for dotted patterns with floral or heart details if they want to go simple.

The Dove has a tattoo.

The Dove Wrist Tattoo 1The Dove Wrist Tattoo 1
The Dove Wrist Tattoo 2The Dove Wrist Tattoo 2
The Dove Wrist Tattoo 3The Dove Wrist Tattoo 3

The Dove wrist tattoo can convey a message if you love birds but also want to share their personality through body language.

It is possible to get a Dove wrist tattoo other than the feather. Love and peace are associated with these birds.

The camera Wrist Tattoo has a camera on it.

Camera Wrist Tattoo 1Camera Wrist Tattoo 1
Camera Wrist Tattoo 2Camera Wrist Tattoo 2
Camera Wrist Tattoo 3Camera Wrist Tattoo 3

Do you want to show your love for photography to the world ?

Let the camera be drawn at the center of your wrist and choose a design that makes it look as natural as possible.

There is a tattoo on the Wrist Rose.

Wrist Rose Tattoo 1Wrist Rose Tattoo 1
Wrist Rose Tattoo 2Wrist Rose Tattoo 2
Wrist Rose Tattoo 3Wrist Rose Tattoo 3

Wrist tattoo flowers are the most common ones. They suit both men and women, they can turn into matching body art pieces, and they have strong symbolism.

The rose wrist tattoos are some of the most flattering and romantic body art pieces you can ink into your skin.

If you want to go further and extend the rose up to the arm as a sleeve, the final result will be excellent.

There is a tattoo on the Wrist.

Mandala Wrist Tattoo 1Mandala Wrist Tattoo 1
Mandala Wrist Tattoo 2Mandala Wrist Tattoo 2
Mandala Wrist Tattoo 3Mandala Wrist Tattoo 3

Maybe you want to keep a powerful tattoo on your wrist that symbolizes traditions, guidance, and sacred spaces. The Mandala wrist tattoo looks great on this body area.

The Mandala wrist tattoo can look like a piece of jewelry depending on the details you choose.

There is a tattoo cross on the Wrist.

Wrist Tattoo Cross 1Wrist Tattoo Cross 1
Wrist Tattoo Cross 2Wrist Tattoo Cross 2
Wrist Tattoo Cross 3Wrist Tattoo Cross 3

The wrist tattoo cross is a great idea if you want to keep the faith symbol on your skin forever.

This design is timeless, versatile, can be done in different styles, and will suit all the parts of your wrist.

There is a tattoo on the wrist.

Heart Wrist Tattoo 1Heart Wrist Tattoo 1
Heart Wrist Tattoo 2Heart Wrist Tattoo 2
Heart Wrist Tattoo 3Heart Wrist Tattoo 3

The heart wrist tattoo is a great way to honor a loved one.

If you want to personalize it better, I recommend you add some words, illustrations, numbers, or anything you want so that you can demonstrate your loyalty and passion.

Where can I get wrist tattoo designs ?

The designs I recommended for wrist tattoos were quite general. It is nice to have body art ink on the wrist.

There are side wrist tattoos.

Side Wrist Tattoos 1Side Wrist Tattoos 1
Side Wrist Tattoos 2Side Wrist Tattoos 2
Side Wrist Tattoos 3Side Wrist Tattoos 3

There are many designs to choose from on the side of the wrist tattoo. The side wrist tattoos can vary in design and size because of the narrow area. Simple and sleek designs are what I recommend you go for.

There is a tattoo on the inner wrist.

Inner Wrist Tattoo 1Inner Wrist Tattoo 1
Inner Wrist Tattoo 2Inner Wrist Tattoo 2
Inner Wrist Tattoo 3Inner Wrist Tattoo 3

The inner wrist tattoos can be used for body art. The inner wrist tattoo is an excellent way to make a surprise for someone.

The other people will be able to see your body art when you flip the wrist.

There is a full wrist tattoo.

Full Wrist TattooFull Wrist Tattoo
Full Wrist Tattoo 2Full Wrist Tattoo 2
Full Wrist Tattoo 3Full Wrist Tattoo 3

Many people prefer to have small wrist tattoo ideas, but others would prefer a full wrist tattoo to stand out.

Your skin will be like a canvas with this type of body art. The pain might be heavy for some people, since there is a lot of room to fill with ink.

There is a tattoo on the top of the wrist.

Top of Wrist Tattoo 1Top of Wrist Tattoo 1
Top of Wrist Tattoo 2Top of Wrist Tattoo 2
Top of Wrist Tattoo 3Top of Wrist Tattoo 3

Men would gravitate towards a top of wrist tattoo. Considering the handshakes and times when you are wearing T-shirts, this skin area is easier to admire.

Wrist tattoo flowers, wrist tattoos, or nature-inspired designs are some of the common ideas for the top of the wrist.

Wrist and hand tattoos.

Wrist and Hand Tattoo 1Wrist and Hand Tattoo 1
Wrist and Hand Tattoo 2Wrist and Hand Tattoo 2
Wrist and Hand Tattoo 3Wrist and Hand Tattoo 3

Extending your wrist tattoo to the hand will make it more effective. If it has a fluid movement, you can choose almost any design. There are some desirable designs.

Final words.

Wrist tattoos have always been a thing. Regardless of your personality, a wrist tattoo is waiting to be inked on your body.

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