51 Sexy Thigh Tattoos For Women + Cute Designs and Ideas (2022 Guide)




Thigh tattoos are sexy for women. When you want, high tattoos can be hidden or shown off. There are many ways to accentuate your thigh, from a small tattoo to a large piece of art. There are a few things to consider before you get one of these unique tattoo ideas.

If you want a large or small tattoo design, you need to decide on the size of your tattoo. Do you want your tattoo to be visible when you are wearing shorts, a dress, or only in your bathing suit ?

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Below are 35 sexy female thigh tattoos to help you decide on the best design for your personality and style.

Rose Thigh Tattoo Ideas

You will love these thigh tattoo ideas, starting with some flower designs.

Beautiful Roses

Beautiful Roses Thigh Tattoo

Lion and Rose Tattoo

Lion and Rose Tattoo - Thigh Tattoo

Simple Rose Tattoo for Thigh

Simple Flower Thigh Tattoo

Sexy Roses Tattoo

Sexy Rose Thigh Tattoo

Wolf and Red Rose Design

Wolf and Red Rose Thigh Tattoo

Blue Rose Tattoo Design

Blue Rose Thigh Tattoo

Butterfly and Rose

Butterfly and Rose Thigh Tattoo

Outlined Rose Thigh Tattoo

Cute Outline Rose Thigh Tattoo

Detailed Maple Leaf Rose

Detailed Maple Leaf Rose Thigh Tattoo

How Painful Is A Thigh Tattoo?

Getting a tattoo on thighs is less painful than getting a tattoo on any other part of the body. The nerves in the inner thigh tend to go to the groin area, so keep that in mind. One of the less painful areas to get a tattoo is the side thigh.

Mandala Thigh Tattoos

Detailed Thigh Tattoo

Detailed Thigh Tattoo Mandala

Mandala Garter

Mandala Garter Thigh Tattoo

Mandala Heart Thigh Tattoo

Henna Mandala

Tattoo Design

Mandala Henna Thigh Tattoo

Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Mandala Upper Thigh Design

Mandala Upper Thigh Tattoo

Sexy Mandala Tattoo

Sexy Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Preparing For Your Thigh Tattoo

If you are going to get a tattoo remember to wear very loose pants, skirt, or a dress so that you do n’t rub on the tattoo after your session. For the first few weeks, make sure you wear clothes that do n’t irritate your art work. If you decide to get an inner thigh tattoo, it is going to be much harder to protect and not rub during the healing process, which may cause you to have trouble walking for the first few days.

Simple Thigh Tattoos

Cute Flower Tattoo Design

Cute Flower Thigh Tattoo

Gorgeous Tattoo on Upper Thigh

Gorgeous Thigh Tattoo

Small Moon Tattoo Idea

Small Moon Thigh Tattoo

Simple Small Side Thigh Tattoo

Simple Small Side Thigh Tattoo

Gold Fish Tattoo

Gold Fish Thigh Tattoo

Feather Garter Tattoo Design

Feather Garter Thigh Tattoo

Watercolor Flower Tattoo

Watercolor Flower Thigh Tattoo

Thigh Tattoo Placement

One of the most important decisions is where to put your tattoo. If you want to go the least painful route, a small thigh tattoo on the side thigh or front thigh is the way to go. An inner thigh tattoo will be painful and will take longer to heal, but it can add even more to your design if you choose to go with a full tattoo design. If you want to add more mystery to your tattoo, you can have it cascade down to your knee or up along your ribs.

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Black and White Skull Thigh Tattoo

Black and White Skull Thigh Tattoo

Lace Tattoo Design

Lace Thigh Tattoo Design

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

Watercolor Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

There is an elephant tattoo.

Elephant Thigh Tattoo

Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo

Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo

Upper Thigh Lotus Tattoo

Flower Thigh Tattoo

Flower Thigh Tattoo

Peacock Thigh Tattoo

Peacock Thigh Tattoo

Jellyfish Thigh Tattoo

Jellyfish Thigh Tattoo

Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

Lion Thigh Tattoo

Lion Thigh Tattoo

Enjoying Your Thigh Tattoo

Thigh tattoos are growing in popularity in leg tattoos for women and there are endless reasons why. Thigh tattoos are sexy, less painful, have the ability to be hidden, and allow you enough space for any tattoo design you can dream of. Whether you decide to have an inner, side, or upper thigh tattoo it will be one that you love.




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