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It ‘s jam-packed full of versatile illustrations all lovingly created for that authentic hand drawn look. This toolkit is great for logo and branding design, posters, blog posts, invitations, stationery, a quick flyer, endless background enhancements, etc. The preview slides do a better job than the individual goodies, so be sure to click on any preview to enlarge and scroll down. There are reference sheets for the 387 files and some help files for those who are new to the program. Raster files can be opened with most photo editing software. Adobe Illustrator or newer. Due to the large nature of the file, you will receive a text file with a link to the zip file for download. Please let me know if you have problems with the files. Please view my shop policy for more info on commercial use. You agree to comply with my terms of use if you purchase this listing. If you want to purchase the extended licence for this listing, please choose the large graphic set. If you are unsure of my usage rights, please drop me a message. Thank you for creating! The graphics/fonts are owned by Lisa Glanz. Your rights to use the graphics/fonts are subject to the terms stated in the Licence agreement, and are contingent upon you paying Lisa Glanz for the usage rights. Lisa Glanz has the right to make changes. It ‘s not like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it ‘s like it

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