Elden Ring White Faced Varre Questline Obtain Varre’s Bouquet Weapon

elden ringElden Ring is an open-world action role-playing soul game developed by FromSoftware Inc. White Faced Varre is the first NPC you will encounter at the beginning of the game. Below you will find the complete brief guide on how to complete his questline.

If you ca n’t find Varre at the Rose Church, you must defeat Godrick at the Stormveil castle and interact with Enia at the stronghold.

Elden Ring White Faced Varre is a show.

At the first step grace, where the game begins, you need to talk to Varre. You need to defeat Godrick in the Stormveil castle after that. When you talk to Varre again, he will ask you to visit the stronghold and interact with Finger Reader Enia.

The Rose Church is marked in the image above and is where you can talk with Varre again after interacting with Finger Reader. The Festering Bloody Finger is used to invade other players ‘ worlds. You need to invade other players 3 times with this item.

After invading, you need to talk with Varre at the Rose church. You need maiden blood to progress further in this questline after you get an item called Lord of Blood ‘s Favor. You need to visit the Church of Inhibition to find the maiden blood. To get to this place, you need to go through the top side. There is a way to get the maiden blood inside the church.

Varre will give you an item called the Pureblood Knight ‘s medal after you get the maiden blood. When you use this item, you will be sent to the palace. On the right side of the grace, you will find a summon sign where you need to fight White Mask Varre. You will get the Varre ‘s Bouquet Weapon after defeating him.

What if Varre is killed at the beginning ?

You need to fight Varre if you start attacking him. You wo n’t get all the items if you kill him. You wo n’t be able to get the “ Bloody Finger ” item that can be used to invade other people ‘s worlds as many times as you want. Obtaining a Festering bloody finger is difficult and will be destroyed upon successful invasion.

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