February Birth Flower Gift Guide

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Roses are red, violets are blue, and they ‘re the February birth flower too!

February flowers include red and pink roses. The February birth flower is the violet.

The February birth flower has everything you need to know. It is one of the best purple flowers to attract hummingbirds. If your loved ones have February birthdays, we found the best February floral-inspired gifts to help them celebrate.

We have January, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December birth flower gift guides too.

What is February ‘s Birth Flower ?

The Common Meadow VioletAli Majdfar/Getty Images

The February birth flower is violets. These cheerful flowers are known for their bright colors of purple and blue, but they are also found in a rainbow of other colors. Some of the earliest flowering plants in the garden are violets. There are more than 400 violets that can be found around the world. The flowers of February birthdays are violets, which are the official state flower of Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

There are tips for growing African violets.

What is the meaning of February ‘s Birth Flower ?

violets are associated with love because of their heart-shaped leaves. The gorgeous flowers can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece, where they represented fertility and love. People born in February havetraits such as modesty, loyalty, wisdom, courage, and humility.

Here is what you should know about rose color meanings.

There are more February Birth flowers.

February birthdays are associated with violets, iris, and primrose flowers. In the same way as love, iris flowers symbolize hope, wisdom, trust, and admiration. One of the first signs of spring is the pale flowers.

We have the perfect gifts for everyone on your February birthday list, from pendant necklaces and stationary to artisan soaps and everything in between.

Have you ever seen a hummingbird ?

There is a February Birth Flower Gift Guide.

There is a violet Terrarium.

violet terrariumVia Etsy.com

Everything it needs to thrive all year long is included in this no-maintenance terrarium. You do n’t have to water or feed the flowers ; just enjoy the blooms every month. It is a show stopping performance.

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There is a wall print.

violet art printVia Etsy.com

There is a beautiful illustration of a vintage seed packet of violets. The meaning of violets is also included in this artwork. The print in the hard backed envelope does not arrive framed. There are gifts for hummingbird lovers.

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The seeds of the flower.

primrose seedsVia Etsy.com

The gardener with a February birthday would love a gift of flowers. These could be tucked inside a birthday card or a gardening subscription box.

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Night violet soap is handmade.

violet soapVia Etsy.com

The deep purple bars of handmade violet soap are just as beautiful to look at as they are to smell. The shea butter and olive oil soap has aromas of lemon, cucumber water, violet, and jasmine. Excellent!

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There is a personalized violet stationary.

violet stationaryVia Etsy.com

There are a dozen flat note cards with a gorgeous illustration of violets in this stationary set. You can choose the name and style. Matching purple envelopes are included in the set. We found unique gifts for owl lovers.

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There is a gift basket with butterflies and violets.

Violetsandbutterflies basketVia Teleflora.com

There is a thoughtful February birthday-themed flower basket with two blue African violets and purple butterflies. This gift will keep on giving because violets are a flowering plant. It is like giving spring in a basket.

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A candle is scented with violet.

violet candleVia Etsy.com

Enjoy the scent of sweet violets, wild berries and soft petals with this small-batch hand-poured soy candle, made in New York. The burn times range from 15 to 80 hours.

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The necklace set has a violet color.

february birth flower necklaceVia Amazon.com

The necklace has a delicate violet and small rhinestones. The gift comes with a second necklace. Multiple purchases are easy because these come in every birthday month flower option.

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Isiris Pin.

february birth flower pinVia Etsy.com

The purple iris pin has original artwork drawn by the artist. It is a beautiful gift, whether it is displayed as part of a collection or worn on a lapel. There are more flowers available. Are you looking for Cardinal-inspired gifts ?

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The flower is engraved on the mug.

february birth flower mugVia Etsy.com

The mug has a small bouquet of February blooms, a personalized name and the meaning of violets. You can choose between ceramic or clear glass for this gift. There are pretty rose-themed gift ideas.

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