How to Grow Beautiful Gerbera Daisies Indoors and Out

The vivid colors and bold silhouettes of a Gerbera daisy are instantly recognizable. They ‘re one of the most popular choices for cut flowers in the world, but instead of buying a bouquet, get even more blooms for your buck when you grow them at home. The bright colors and large size of the Gerbera daisies make them seem like they are smiling in your garden. The fresh-from-the-paint box colors are easy to combine. Plant enough to fill vases indoors and line your paths with their brilliant colors. You can buy a pot to grow as a houseplant if you want to enjoy their beauty for longer.

red gerbera daisies with white centers

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In the spring and summer, you can enjoy the flowers of gerbera jamesonii, which will grow year-round in USDA Zones 8-11. Whether you grow them outdoors or inside, there are a few tips to follow. Make sure you keep water off the leaves, do n’t let them get too hot, and cut the flower stems off when the blooms fade.

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Because they are native to South Africa, the Gerbera daisies do best in warmer areas. The Garvinea series are hardy and will keep coming back year after year.

They like some sun, but they do n’t like intense heat. If the air temperatures are cool, northerners can grow daisies in full sun. In a moderate climate, plant the daisies in shaded areas.

The air around the daisies will flow more around them if they are set 12 to 18 inches apart. Their crowns are n’t as likely to rot if you plant them above ground level. If you have clay soil, show the daisies off in containers instead of in garden beds. It ‘s best to avoid dark colored ceramic containers that will hold the heat and cook the roots. The daisies will grow anywhere from 6 to 18 inches tall, so use them in the front and middle of your flowerbeds or containers.

yellow gerbera daisies in garden

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Before you water again, let the top inch dry out. Do n’t spray them from above, this will keep them safe from leaf fungus. Natural predators, like ladybugs, will probably show up to deal with the aphids. If the sun is n’t shining on the leaves, use a mild soap spray.

The whole point of Gerbera daisies is to be bloomed. Give them a liquidfertilizer every 2 weeks, or mix some slow-releasefertilizer into the soil 2 or 3 times in the spring and summer.

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The daisies wo n’t make it through the winter in Zones 7 and colder. Before the first frost, check your zone on the USDA map and bring the containers indoors. Nurse them until the last frost in the spring and then start over again in the summer. You can get a pot of flowers from the grocery store.

A drink of water as soon as the top inch of the soil is dry is a good way to keep the daisies happy indoors. They should be boosted with liquid houseplant fertilization every month during the spring and summer.

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