How To Paint Lavender: Easy Flower Painting Tutorial for Beginners




Learn how to paint lavender using basic paints.

If you want to learn how to paint lavender, this step by step video is for you.

One of the easiest flowers to paint is lavender, which is a perfect painting for beginners.

You will learn how to paint lavender flowers with simple tools. I will show you how to use items in your kitchen to add texture to your painting.

If you are just starting out with paints, you will definitely want to read the Ultimate Beginners Guide : How to Paint with Acrylics. When starting out, it goes through most of the things you need to know.

There are more easy flower painting ideas.

Here are some easy flower painting ideas for beginners.

We will learn how to paint lavender flowers with Q-tips.

There are supplies and materials for painting lavender flowers.

DecoArt paints are African violet, lavender, leaf green, white, and black.

Paint brushes.

The canvas is square.

There is a wooden Skewer.

There is a cup of water.

There is a paper towel and salt.

Qtips are cotton swabs.

A pallet or paper plate is used to mix paint.

There is a spray bottle filled with water.

How to paint lavender flowers.

Step 1

I will share a few extra tips along the way if you prefer video instruction.

Step 2

It ‘s a good idea to lightly spray your canvas. You do n’t want it to be pooling or rolling down your canvas. The canvas needs to be moistened so that the paint glides across in the next step. It ‘s possible that it ‘s optional.

Step 3

Add some white and black paints to your canvas and focus on the outer edges. A small amount of black goes a long way.

Step 4

You can blend your white and black paint with a medium size paintbrush.

Step 5

You can add more black and re-blend if your background is too light after this step. It ‘s harder to lighten your background after it ‘s too dark. If you want to gauge your results, add a drop or two of black at a time.

Step 6

Sprinkle some salt into the wet paint to add texture to the top portion of the painting. Salt will add abumpy texture to the paint once it dries.

Step 7

Taking a paper towel with a pattern on it and rubbing on a couple drops of white pain will create some extra texture in some areas. A mixture of paint strokes and texture will make the background look more interesting.

Step 8

The background should only take a few minutes to dry. To speed up drying, use a hair dryer.

After the background is dry, it is time for some flowers. Green paint can be added to a pallet or a paper plate.

Paint your wooden skewers green with a clean brush. The handle of the paintbrush could be used instead of the skewer. Press the skewer onto the canvas. Go up the skewer to see your stem. Nifty!

The beauty with abstract paintings is that we can leave the stress of perfect behind. Do n’t worry if your stem is irregular or not straight, just go with it and enjoy making them!

Step 9

To get different tints of green, mix in tiny bits of white into green. You can have different colors of green for your stems. Let the paint dry after you ‘re happy with the amount of stems.

Step 10

It ‘s time to paint the lavender flower with cotton buds or cotton swabs.

Let the lavender flowers dry after this step.

Step 11

Once you get your purple color dry, you can use a cotton swab to create dots over the lavender flowers. Let it dry.

Step 12

Take some light purple paint and mix it with equal amount of white paint to create a lighter purple tint for your highlights. A highlight of the petals will be the light purple paint which will be created by this. The lavender flower petals have a highlight color.

Let your painting dry.

After all the hard work, sign your painting and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Hope you like the extra pictures of the finished piece!

If you would like to share your lavender painting with the world, you can do so on my Facebook group.

Stay inventive until next time.

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