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Q:Hãy chỉ cho tôi những câu ví dụ với discover and discovered. Q:discovered” could be replaced with “found” or “found out”? which one is better? A:To find/realize something for the first time.
“Man discovered fire”
“I discovered that my shoes were made in Vietnam” A:To discover is to find something. So it means to find something more. A:were about to discover a huge thing
weve discovered this yesterday
do you wanna discover something cool?
i havent discovered it yet A:“I discovered that my great-grandfather was from Spain”
“She discovered the importance of manners they day she visited the fancy restaurant”
“The little boy discovered the buried toy under the sandpit” A:  discovered (past form) and found(past verb) has the same meaning. To find something or someone.
The difference is…
discovered means to find information, a place, or an object, especially for the first time. Here I never see before this information, place or an object.
For example
1)Who discovered America?
2)We searched all morning for the missing papers and finally discovered them in a drawer.

Find or (in the past found) : to find something or someone not for the first time. I see this something or someone before.
Example :
1)I lost my car keys. After some time searching I found it below the table.
Notice : in this case,  We must not use the word discovered, because Im not found my car keys for the first time.

I hope it help you. See you next time.
And keep learning. Study deeply. Deep like the ocean.

Bye bye.

A:Discover is to find new things and research is to study more of in order to understand more

I discovered that my daughter is allergic to cats

We need to more research in order to find the cure for cancer. A:Research is the process. “She is doing important research.” “He secured funding for his research.” The thing they are researching may not have reached a conclusion.

To discover is to actually come across something new or interesting. “The research led to an important discovery” or “They are hoping to discover gold.”

The two can be linked, like… “The team’s research will hopefully lead to a new discovery” or “With enough research, we could discover a cure.” A:Discover is finding something for the first time. Uncover is to expose. For example, I just discovered this new restaurant in town. Another example, please uncover your face from the mask. A:-I discovered the country
-I want to find out more about the country
it depends on the context A:That’s correct!

I’ve been discovering a lot of cool restaurants around here lately. A:instead of saying “I’m yet to discover myself” say “I have yet to discover myself”

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