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There are flowers everywhere in gardens, parks, pots on the balcony and of course in colorful summer bouquets. They are wonderful flowers that bring joy and well-being just by looking at them.

The imposing appearance of sunflowers and daisies makes them one of the most popular plants.

They always follow the sun ‘s path throughout the day and wait for the next sunrise. Is n’t that the sweetest thing ?

What is the difference between a flower and a flower ?

There is a lot of difference between the two.

Both the flowers are part of the asteraceae family of flowers. It is related to herbs such as dandelion, yarrow or chamomile. This means that both have very similar needs and practically the same care.

They are species with similar needs that grow in very similar habitats. The difference between the two flowers is that the daisy does not produce seeds. They can either be eaten raw or roasted.

The seeds from the Central and North America.

It is the state flower of Kansas.

The seeds were brought from the New World by the Spaniards.

Today the sunflower can also be found as an ornamental and useful plant in large parts of Europe.

The small plant daisy is from southern Europe and the Caucasus region.

It has been with humans for thousands of years and has gradually conquered Europe.

In botany, the daisy is one of the agochorous plants that are unconsciously carried along by people when they colonize new areas, for example in seeds.


Sunflowers are not hardy and ca n’t survive the winters.

It takes about 80 to 100 days to grow sunflowers.

Depending on the variety, the hairy stems, which are one to four meters high, or the small “ dwarf sunflowers ” which are only 30 cm, are exceptional. 80 meters. There are more than 60 different varieties and a flower head with up to 1200 individual leaves. The largest sunflowers ever grown had a diameter of 88 cm.

Large heart-shaped leaves develop first, which grow in pairs on the stem and have a rough surface.

Large inflorescences develop from April to early summer.

Most varieties have several flowers on a stem. The smaller brown tubular florets are the frame of the flower.

In late summer, the seed pods develop from the pollinated tubular flowers. The seeds are a large number of independant fruits that ripen slowly and turn brown in the process and are known as “sunflower seeds”.

Where can we grow a Sunflower?

The sunflower likes a full sun location. The plant loves warmth and develops best when it is warm.

Thanks to the taproot, it has a secure stand, but should not be planted in very windy places, otherwise there is a risk of tipping over. The plant then often continues to grow in a sloping position, but it does not develop as well and is of course not as decorative.

Can we grow Sunflower in pots?

Sunflowers can be grown in pots. Since pots for large plants offer too little stability, one should use smaller species.

Sunflower Pests:

The plant is sometimes attacked by the usual suspects : bugs, leaf miners, and others.

These pests cause gnawing and crippling of leaves and stems and can thereby promote fungal diseases. In the worst case, young plants can die off, while the damage to large plants is unsightly but not threatening. As a rule, you should collect the infested animals by hand or get a suitable spray from a dealer.

Daisy Flower:

Early in the spring, its white flowers light up the meadow. It blooms all summer long.

The daisy can grow flowers that protrude from the snow.

The daisy is a very old companion of man and has spread together with the wandering hunters and farmers of the early days, since it was offered the best habitats in the human environment.

Cultivated areas and meadows that were mowed and therefore did not grow permanently high became the preferred locations and with the beginning of lawn cultivation a golden age began for the adaptable plant, as it found optimal conditions on these light-open areas.

The leaves, buds and flowers can be eaten raw. Children like to pick them and weave them into a wreath.

The daisy grows up to 20 cm high. Daisies are hardy. If the winter sun can warm the plant up, it will usually survive the winter without any problems.

Unlike perennials, the base consists of a lying leaf rosette, which bears leaves all year round.

The leaves are oblong and long. Their surface is a bit hairy.

The buds on the long stems emerge from the center of the rosette.

The white inflorescences grow from them. There are hundreds of small flowers. The white female ray florets are arranged in rows. Their stamps are difficult to read. There are many yellow male flowers that open at the same time.

The insects are responsible for pollination. The daisy can pollinate itself.

The main flowering period is between April and June, but the daisy can grow flowers in the remaining months.

The flowers themselves are sun indicators, which means they align themselves with the sun throughout the day. The flowers close in the evening or in bad weather.

Where can we grow daisy plant?

The daisy thrives in shaded areas.

It needs a soil that is mostly moist during the long flowering phase for good development.

The plant does not like longer periods of drought. The daisy feels most at home in a well-kept lawn, as there is no tall competition to take the sunlight and at the same time there is always a supply of lawn fertilizer.

Can we grow daisies in pot?

We can grow daisies in a pot. Plants need regular watering.

Can we mow daisies?

Yes, we can. Daisies on lawns need to be mowed from time to time. This does n’t harm the plant.

The leaf is not caught by the lawnmower. The upright flowers and buds grow back very quickly. The first white dots on the lawn shine again after a few days.

Daisy Facts:

The leaves from the inside of the daisy are taken all year long. They can be eaten raw. You can harvest the flowers in the summer. It is best to choose flowers that are just opening. They like the most aromatic thing.

If you eat the first three daisies you see in the spring, you will be immune to many diseases.


People love to keep the flowers in their lawns, pots, and other places. Let me know if you have the daisy or the sunflower in the comments. I would like to know.

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