Daisy Paper Flower Template and Tutorial

Find out how to make a realistic Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower with this free template and step-by-step photo and video.

I love daisies because of their bright and cheerful color, and I wanted to make a paper version that would last forever.

The next flower on my list was this one.

Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower Free Template

You can enjoy making paper flowers that look fresh year-round if you like the look of fresh flowers.

How to Make Paper Daisies

If you are new to paper flowers, I will walk you through everything you need to know, from the best paper to use, and the right tools to purchase.

Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower Free Template

It is important for me to make the paper flower templates look realistic. Testing and research goes into each of my paper flower designs.

The template is designed to look like a Gerbera daisy plant. I researched the flower ‘s life cycle, focusing on how it bloomed and how many petals and centers formed during the growing process.

Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower Free Template

The flower is between 10 and 3-4 inches wide. It has bright petals, a sturdy stem, a lighter-colored halo, and a dark center. It is possible to make a realistic Gerbera daisy plant.

You can make your own Gerbera Daisy flower from the comfort of your home with a little help from your smart cutting machine.

How to Make Paper Daisies

What type of paper should I use ?

It ‘s important to use the correct type of paper when making paper flowers. This will give you flowers that are realistic.

The easiest way to manipulate it is to use it between 60 and 80 lbs. It ‘s easier to manipulate when you use 65lb cardstock for most flowers. This project pairs well with 80lb cardstock because it ‘s a sturdier flower and it adds a nice level of crispness to the petals.

Paper Daisy Cricut

What is the best place to buy card stock for paper flowers ?

I like to shop at JoAnn. You can shop online or in person. Park Lane has a lot of different packs of paper that work well for this project, and they offer paper in 65lb or 80lb options.

White core paper is a cheaper type of paper that has color printed on each side. It is white on the inside when you cut into it. It looks cheap when used with paper flowers.

Make sure you pick a paper that says “ Solid Core ” The color has not been printed on the outside of the paper. The paper has the same color on the inside and outside.

I recommend ordering a Park Lane Precision Cardstock Variety Pack. This will give you a variety of different colors for your flowers. You can shop for paper here.

How much paper do I need to make flowers ?

There are two pieces of 12 x 12 card stock.

I recommend light yellow and dark grey or black for the center pieces.

There are two pieces of 12 x12 ” cardstock.

Cut extra petals when you ‘re unsure. I recommend cutting extra petals, stamen, and greenery if you make paper flowers.

It ‘s nice to have extra pieces in case you need to fill in an empty spot.

Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower Free Template

Is it better to cut by hand or with a cutting machine ?

This flower requires a cutting machine because of how detailed the petals are. It would be hard to cut this flower by hand.

Click here to find a paper flower that you can cut by hand.

If you load two pieces of paper on the mat at the same time, this project will go much faster.

What is the final size of this flower ?

If you do n’t make any changes to the template, you will get one flower that measures 6. There is 5 across.

If you want a larger flower, the template size can be increased.

I made three different sizes for the bouquet of flowers. To give a bouquet of flowers a more realistic look, be sure to vary the sizes and colors of your flowers.

Paper Daisy Cricut

Do I need pan pastels for this project ?

This project is brought to life by pan pastels. They give the flowers a realistic look. Pan pastels can be expensive. You can get a variety of different colors from my pan pastel kit.

A single pan pastel is a more budget-friendly option. Make sure to choose a color that is at least a few shades darker or lighter than the paper you will be working with so that it shows up and adds contrast to your flower petals.

Each little pot is loaded with color and can be easily blended together. I mean it when I say a little goes a long way. They are erasable in case of mistakes.

How to use pan pastels

It is easy to apply the pan pastel with the several micropore sponges in the kit. The sponge is easy to clean and will not damage your paper. The benefit of using a sponge is that it will prevent you from having any brush strokes left behind on your project, giving you an even application of color.

If you ‘re going to make a lot of paper flowers, you should invest in this kit. You can purchase an individual pan pastel if you ‘re not sold on it.

Paper Daisy Cricut

Let ‘s start!

Gerbera Daisy Supplies

There is a Gerbera Daisy file to be uploaded.

Download the smilng file to your computer.

You can start a new project at the Design Space. Click on the option toUpload.

You can download the daisy sva file and put it on your canvas.

If you want to change the colors of the flower, ungroup the flower pieces in the layers panel.

Step One: Cut out your flower pieces

There is one Daisy Flower.

  • 2 medium petals.
  • There are 2 large petals.
  • There are 4 centers.
  • There are 2 stamen circle pieces.
  • There are 2 stamen paper strips.
  • 5 leaves.
  • There is a flower base.

Cut out the flower pieces from your mat.

Step Two: Apply Pan Pastels (Optional)

Pan pastel adds a touch of realism to my flower petals and stamen.

Before applying pastels, put a paper towel or piece of paper underneath your flower pieces.

Pan pastel is a slightly darker color than your paper base and you can start applying it by gathering your 4 petals. For an even application, I recommend using a sponge or paintbrush.

Apply the pastel to the center and slowly move towards the top of the petals.

It is possible to do this step to your centers and stamen pieces.

Step Three: Shape Your Flower Pieces

It can be difficult to shape this flower. I used my fingers to shape the petals. There are tools and other techniques that can help you along the way to make this step much easier on your hands.

Use your scraper tool to shape your petals. Pinch the sides of the petals to make a rounded point and a score line down the middle. Do this to all four petals.

You can use the same technique if you do n’t have a scraper tool. The shape can be created by folding the petals along the edge of the table.

Curl some petals downwards and upwards with a skewer or scraper tool.

Place your flowers on the flower shaping mat. To make the pieces look pinched at the tips, use a skewer, mold tool, or small ball point tool.

You can use a soft sheet of foam, a polymailer or a yoga mat if you do n’t have a flower shaping mat.

Next, grab your two stamen circle pieces, one smaller than the other, and use a toothpick or tweezers to make them stand up. I rolled my ball point tool in the center before flaring.

Step Four: Assemble the Daisy Flower

Use your scraper tool to curl the stamen strip. Add a dot of hot glue to one end of the strip and place it on the wire.

Attach your stamen to the wire with glue. Wrap it around the other stamen piece. Flare it out with a pair of scissors.

Attach the 2 circle stamens by sliding the wire through the hole and securing with glue.

Attach the centers to the wire with glue.

After that, add the medium and large petals.

Make sure to offset your petals and secure them with glue.

Step Five: Create Leaves

I like to shape the leaves with a scraper tool, skewer, or paper flower shaping tools. These can be used to add score lines.

The leaves have no stems. Use your tools to add texture to the leaves. Run down the middle to make the middle vein, then add more veins by applying pan pastel or gliding your tool from your vein to the outer edge of the leaf.

Take the two stems compound leaves. Place them on a mat and use your tool to pinch the individual leaves.

Step Six: Add your Greenery

Start with the flower base and move onto the leaves with circle cutouts. Leaves are optional.

Paper Daisy Cricut

Wrap the stem with floral tape.

Make sure you hold your tape taut as you wrap it. This technique makes the tape sticky so it sticks to itself.

Wrap the stem with floral tape and add two more wires to make it look more realistic.

There is a place where you can add one of the strips of leaves to the stem. Wrap with floral tape once added.

A Finished Gerbera Daisy

How to Make Paper Daisies Free Template

Continue this process for the number of flowers you want. Would n’t it be great to award yourself with an entire bouquet ?

How to Make Paper Daisies Free Template
Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower Free Template

The flower does n’t need a stem. This can be turned into a wall art project. There is so much you can do with this design.

Are you looking for more paper flower projects ?

How to Make Paper Daisies Free Template

If you join my crafting and sewing Facebook group, you will be able to show us what you are making, ask questions, and learn from others.

Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower Free Template

Do you want to save this project for later ?

Find Out How to Make a Realistic Gerbera Daisy Paper Flower With This Free Template and Step-By-Step Photo and Video Tutorial.

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