DIY Flower Pinata

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A flower pinata can be created using cardboard.

Want a fun gift idea? This DIY flower pinata is not only easy to make but this was used with materials on hand (reuse/upcycle). Taking some cardboard and tissue paper it's a snap to make. Get your kids involved for a fun craft day. This is great for Mother's Day, birthdays, wedding or baby showers, or just a girls night out or girls night in. Great and inexpenisve present for the special lady in your life.

If there were pinatas strategically placed throughout the day, life would be a million times better. It ‘s called FaveThing.

Who does n’t love a Pinata ?

Why are these only for kid parties ?

Can a mom get a pinata ?

Whether it is for.

  • Mother’s Day

  • Birthday

  • Girl’s Night Out/In

  • Baby/Wedding Shower

There are many reasons to break out a pinata.

The Flower Pinata will send your party over the top.

Would n’t this be great for a little girl ‘s birthday party ?

We used items from the recycle to make the Pinata. We love a good repurpose story.

Most of which you have on hand, you need to make your own flower piata.


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If you want to be a perfect person, we recommend getting a template by printing a flower, adjusting the size, and tracing it.

If you do n’t, cut out a piece of cardboard and use it to trace the petals of your flower.

Making a DIY Flower Pinata for Mother's Day, a birthday, or even a baby shower. First steps using amterials we already had.

You can trace and cut out a flower after laying it on another piece of cardboard. You should have two flowers.

Time for the fun part and really a great way for kids to help!!

Apply regular school glue to one petal at a time.

Tear little bits of tissue paper (kids love this…at least for a while) all around until it’s covered.

Make your own Pinata for any occassion. DIY Flower Pinata steps

leftover tissue paper was used. We do n’t throw away the paper everyone else does.

We used white on the petals and yellow in the center like a traditional daisy, but use what you got or want.

With the cardboard scraps that are leftover, take and bend one long/thin strip to form a “C” shape at the back of one of the flowers. Glue that down with hot glue. Now glue the other flower on the other side (see pic).

Creating a flower pinata for your celebration. Easy DIY. Great for a baby shower, others day, birthday, wedding, etc. All using leftover materials.

Do you think this is a gardening issue ?


Place your goodies inside.

Do n’t have glass, liquids, or mushy items!

Do n’t forget the casserole, it ‘s homemade or bought.

Now take another scrap piece of cardboard and hot glue the top of the “C” shut (with all the goodies inside).

The Flower Pinata is done.

To tie it in a tree we used a long piece of ribbon (like mentioned in the supplies list-pretty) and wrapped it around the inner circle (belly).

We wrapped ribbon around the stick and used a broom handle.

We used leftover ribbons at the top. You know the stuff other people throw away, and tied them on for a princess feel.

An easy DIY project or craft..flower pinata. Great for kids to do. Wonderful mother's day gift. What mom wouldn't love to get her own pinata. Baby showers, wedding showers, birthdays and more this is a great way to use up boxes, tissue paper and ribbons you have lying around. Great way to reuse or upcycle into something fun!

TOTAL COST: The price of the items inside and some time!!!

What Mom wouldn’t love this DIY FLOWER PINATA?

There is more issue paper fun.

We LOVE reusing tissue paper. Here are some posts to show you just how much you can do with it.

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Creating a DIY flower pinata from items in the recycle bin.  Easy craft for all ages.  Perfect idea for Mother's day, bridal showers, graduation parties, birthdays, mom events, etc.  Customize it to your occasion. Kid-friendly craft.  Get the full diy instructions on (budget-friendly) reuse it

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