Lupe’s Story A Fair Turn in the Flower Garden

Girl Scout Daisies learn how to be honest and fair in Lupe ‘s Story A Fair Turn in the Flower Garden.

Daisy will know how to be honest and fair when she is a Girl Scout.

To earn the Lupe petal, Girl Scout Daisies must do three things:

  1. Talk about “ Lupe ‘s Story ” after you enjoy it.
  2. Each girl can take a different part in the story.
  3. Being honest and fair is part of practicing.

A Fair Turn in the Flower Garden

It was a nice day in the Daisy Flower Garden. The Flower Friends were ready to have fun.

The Flower Friends were told by Lupe the Lupine that he had an idea. There is a game of tag.

Gerri said that he would like to jump rope. lover said, “ Maybe we could swing or go on the slide. ” Tula asked about playing hopscotch. That would be the most enjoyable.

Lupe said that the games sound fun. “ That sounds great, why do n’t we take turns ? ” Everyone will get a chance to play.

They like the game the most. Rosie nodded. I am happy that you came up with that idea.

It is very fair!

Lupe said, “ Okay, everyone! ” The games should begin. Gerri, why do you not go first ?

The jump rope was grabbed by Lupe. Tula grabbed the other end. They cried, “ Jump, Gerri! ” Soon it was Clover ‘s turn to pick a game.

She said to play tag. I am it!

As she ran around the tree and past the birdbath, she yelled, “ You ca n’t catch me! ”

Four pigeons flew down from the sky.

They delivered a large box to the front gate of the Flower Friends.

The box was from a farm. The Flower Friends were on a road trip.

There is a note on the box. Be sure to share it!

Lupe said that it was a wonderfulsurprise.

Her stomach rumbled.

She thought that she was really hungry. I might be able to eat a little bit of cheese.

Right now. The others would n’t know I took a bite. The box was opened by Lupe. Then she stopped.

She thought the present was for everyone. It would n’t be right to eat some.

by myself. It would n’t be right to pretend I did n’t eat. The other Flower Friends were playing.

She said, “ Look what we got! ” All of us should have a snack.

Everyone had a good time eating different kinds of cheese.

Lupe thought as she watched her friends having a good time that she was so glad she waited to share this.

It is more fun and fair.

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