Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

If you know the meanings of your birth flowers, you can plan a garden or make a bouquet for someone.


The meaning of flowers.

Today, flowers are a good substitute for words. Every flower has a meaning that can be conveyed to the recipient. You can speak in code if you learn the language of flowers. How romantic!

There are links to the individual birth monthpages.

There are flowers for the birth month.

There was a snowdrop in January.

January ‘s birth flowers are the carnation and the snowdrop. You can learn more about the January birth flowers.

January birth flower, the carnation

There was a violet class in February.

The February flowers are violet and primrose. You can learn more on the February birth flowers page.

February birth flower, primrose

Jonquil is a Daffodil class.

The daffodil and jonquil are the flowers that bloom in March. On our March birth flower page, you can learn more.

March birth flower, daffodil

April isDaisy ‘s class.

The April birth flowers are the daisy and the sweet pea. On our April birth flower page, you can learn more.

April birth flower, daisy

May is of the valley of Hawthorn.

The lilies of the valley and hawthorn are the May birth flowers. Our May birth flower page has more information.


June was Rose ‘s class.

The June birth flowers are the rose and honeysuckle. On our June birth flower page, you can learn more.

Rose, June Birth Flower

WaterLily was in July.

The July birth flowers are the larkspur and the water lily. On our Julybirth flower page, you can learn more.

July birth flower, the water lily

August is Gladiolus.

The August birth flowers are the gladiolus and the poppy. On our August birth flower page, you can learn more.


The class is called MorningGlory.

The morning glory is due to the September birth flowers. On our September birth flower page, you can learn more.


October is Marigold.

The October birth flowers are the marigold and cosmos. On our Octoberbirth flower page, you can learn more.


November is the month of the chrysanthemum.

The November birth is a flower. On our November birth flower page, you can learn more.

November birth flower, the chrysanthemum

Holly ‘s class is Narcissus.

The December birth flowers are the narcissus and holly. Our Decemberbirth flower page has more information.

Paperwhite, narcissus, December birth flower

Learn more.

You can learn more about flowers and their meanings by reading our article.

Birthstones have special meanings and can be found on our Birthstones by Month page.

Let us know if you think the flower for your birth month fits.

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