Purple Anthurium

Anthurium is purple.

The Purple Anthurium plant is a great way to make your home look better. Your guests will keep asking you more about it.

The plant is perfect for all skill levels. It is one of the best house-warming gifts. Learn more about this plant, get some tips on caring for it, and why you should keep more than one.

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What is a purple anthurium ?

The Anthurium, also known as the Purple Anthurium, is a flowering tropical plant native to South America and is one of many colored variations of the plant. The Anthurium family is the largest family of plants within the Araceae.

The dark green heart-shaped leaves of this plant look fake at first glance, but that is only because they have a glossy appearance. The purple flowers contrast nicely with the leaves. The leaves of the spathes hold a cluster of flowers called the spadix.

caring for anthurium

During the year, the flowers on the spadix are in bloom. Basic care tips are needed to keep this plant in good health.

Specific to the plant.

  • The Purple Anthurium is a medium-sized plant that can grow up to 18 inches tall and a foot wide. The leaves are up to eight inches long. The purple spathes are short and the stems are tall.
  • Although the Purple Anthurium will look great no matter where you place it, make sure to keep it somewhere that gets plenty of indirect bright light. In low-light conditions, this plant will grow. The leaves of the Purple Anthurium can be affected by direct sunlight.
  • Water is important to plants, just as it is important to people, and this plant should receive water at least weekly. If your plant is neglected, it can develop root rot and die. Before giving it freshwater, allow the soil to dry out completely.
  • The average room temperature is ideal for the purple anthurium. Lower than 65 degrees or higher than 85 degrees can affect the plant ‘s growth and cause it to die. The leaves can be misted to increase humidity.

It ‘s not difficult to care for houseplants and it should be fun. You can teach your kids how to care for the Purple Anthurium if you learn how to properly care for it.

Why choose a purple anthurium for your home ?

Anthuriums can be used as a centerpiece for fancy dinners. There are a number of reasons why people keep Purple Anthuriums in their homes. The health of you and your family could be improved by the use of purple anthuriums.

There are a number of reasons why you need this plant in your home.

  • NASA conducted a study to see which plants cleared the toxins in the air. The Anthurium plant was used in the study to show that it could help purify the air indoors.

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  • It has been shown that being surrounded by nature increases your energy levels. One of the easiest ways to bring nature indoors is by owning a couple of purple anthuriums.
  • When you see your hard work rewarded in a healthy plant, there is no denying the feelings of accomplishment. It ‘s a confidence booster to successfully care for this plant.

potted anthuriums

Are purple anthurium plants good indoors ?

There are purple Anthuriums that can be kept indoors. Unless you are an experienced gardener, it is best to keep this plant indoors.

If kept in a garden, make sure it is kept out of the sun. If this plant is going to be kept outside, it needs indirect light. It might be better to keep the Purple Anthurium in a pot with drainage holes so you can easily move it indoors.

If you decide to keep the plant indoors, be sure to repot it every two years. New soil andfertilizer will keep your plant thriving for a long time.

Are purple anthurium plants suitable for pets and children ?

The purple anthurium is a beautiful sight for the eyes, but not for the stomach. The plant is not meant to be eaten because of its toxicity. It might be a good idea to place this plant away from where your pets and kids can reach it. Look for any side effects if you accidentally ingest it.

Vomiting, diarrhea, and an upset stomach are some of the unwanted side effects. Call the Animal Poison Control Center if you need further assistance.

The Anthurium plant family is purple.

It is difficult to highlight a few Anthurium plants when there are so many. The plants have unique features. Some Anthurium are more rare than others, so consider bringing them home.

  • If the name sounds familiar, it ‘s because the Anthurium plant is available in different colors. You can keep different colored varieties to mix and match your home ‘s interior, from pink, red, white, and other colors.
  • One of the most recognizable features of this plant is the white plant veins that stand out in contrast to the dark-colored leaves. There are different colors for the heart-shaped leaves.

There are some plant types that are similar to the purple anthurium plant.

There are other plants you can keep inside if you want to add more flair to your home or if you like the color purple. Similar care requirements will allow you to keep the plants thriving.

  • The Chinese evergreen is known for being hardy and able to survive a little neglect. Some cultures consider the Chinese evergreen to be good luck.
  • The Calathea is non-toxic for pets. The leaves are available in a variety of colors.

Final thoughts about purple anthurium.

There is no denying that the purple Anthurium is a precious plant to have in your home. This guide will help you apply what you have learned into your plant. Planted Pot has a great selection of plants that you can add to your home collection.

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