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The sun is one of the best parts of summer, and some of the most enjoyable annual plants love to drink in it.

You can fill your flower boxes and planters with all sorts of annual flower varieties that love the sun even more in the summer. You can coordinate your flower boxes by color, growth pattern, or any other method you choose, because there are many types to choose from.

We are going to go through ten of the best annuals to plant in flower boxes so that, even if you decide to go indoors, you can still enjoy the sun and all the best sun-loving flowers all season long.

It ‘s the best.

The snapdragon will bloom all summer and wo n’t need deadheading to keep them looking their best. Different varieties come in different colors and some grow upright and others mound. It ‘s the perfect annual to choose to suit your window box wishes.

If you miss a watering, the Snapdragons will not faint. They range from fourteen to forty inches tall, so whether you want a window cover or a more trailing plant, you are set with snapdragons.


This hardy and vigorous grower is a great choice for a window flower box. The hot pink, feather-like blooms will bring pollinators to your window so you can admire them while they work.

Amaranth wo n’t be affected by heat, humidity, and even drought. Its growth habit is bushy and lush, while the flowers do well for cutting and displaying around the house so that you can take some of the beauty of the outdoors with you.


The annual combines the reliability of petunias with some tropical flair. Lantana is an excellent choice for window boxes that you want to overflow with that English garden-like feel.

These flowers are not delicate. They come in many bright colors and are known for attracting both hummingbirds and butterflies. It will produce bright blooms that will last throughout the season with no need for deadheading if you plant it in full sun.

There is a Canna lily.

The perfect focal point for larger boxes is a canna lily. They love the heat and the sun and will flower in a range of bright, tropical colors all summer long. They have a fast and upright growth habit that is combined with a mounding annual to maximize visual interest.

Because they are large, they are not suited for windows, but they are a great planter box flower that will resist even the driest conditions and provide a beautiful oasis of exotic-looking foliage.

Many of the popular annuals offer different sizes and colors of foliage and blooms, but all follow the same growth patterns. If you choose the right variety, these annuals will stay small enough to make a great window box flower.

Salvia is both bushy and upright, with tubular flowers on thin stalks. salvia can be found in a wide range of colors, from pinks to purples and deep, nearly black blues.

There is a spider flower.

cleomes are unique looking flowers that look like fireworks in flower form. They have a growth pattern that is upright and leaves that are dark.

They love the sun and will not faint in low-water conditions. They grow from three to five feet, so they are best grown in a ground flower box.


These well-loved summer flowers are best known for their prolific and colorful foliage that wo n’t wither even in the hottest, driest of conditions. When some of your other annuals are starting to fade, they are a perfect option for providing season-long interest because they can produce beautiful flowers late in the summer and early fall.

They are vigorous, bushy growers that will fill out any flower box alone but will look beautiful and provide depth in a mixed container as well. They can tolerate shade, even though they love the sun.


Portulaca is perfect for a tropical look that stays close to the soil. The colors range from bright oranges to tropical reds. They thrive in hot, colorful, and dry conditions and are low-maintenance.

They grow well in poor soils and reward you with blooms that take over the entire plant. If you want a lot of color in your flower box, then you should plant portulaca.


If you have ever seen ageratum, you will quickly forget it. Ageratum is a hardy and sun-loving plant with a dense growth habit that can survive almost anything.

Although they are not the most common colors, these blooms come in pinks and whites as a member of the aster family. This pom-pom-like bloom is an excellent choice for your flower boxes if you want a unique flower that contrasts with your usual summer oranges and reds.

Chunks of food.

The marigold is the last one. It has been a gardener ‘s favorite for decades because of its dependability, bright and cheery coloring, and puffy-looking blooms. marigolds are a great choice if you are looking for a no-fuss flower.

They are known to repel pests like mosquitos, beetles, and even small garden-foraging animals. Adding flowers nearby is a must if you want to keep mosquitos away from your window or if you want to protect your patio herb garden.

Final thoughts.

There are many beautiful, unique annual flower varieties that will hold up well all summer long in the sun and provide you with hours of enjoyment. It is hard to choose which one to plant, so just try one of them in your window boxes this summer!

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