60 Adorable Sunflower Tattoos that will Always Cheer You Up – Meanings, Ideas and Designs

There are many things to consider when looking for the best sunflower tattoo ideas and designs. Some are bright, fun, and colorful while others are simple and refined using only black and gray tones. The distinct form of the beautiful blossom ensures that the sunflowers representation is unmistakable. The positive symbolism of strength, happiness, and loyalty is what both men and women enjoy. With so many options, people can find a tattoo that ‘s right for them.


There are 60 tattoo ideas and designs for the romantic.


There are different things that symbolize different cultures, but one thing remains the same. They are a flower with indistinguishable golden yellow petals and a large dark face filled with seeds. The natural beauty of the sunflower makes it an excellent choice for a tattoo. The sunflowers have significance and importance all over the world. Good luck and happiness are said to come from sunflowers. A nymph named Clytie is said to be the reason for the blossom always turning its face towards the sun.

A true embodiment of summer, the faces of young sunflowers look east at dawn to greet the morning sun and then turn west as the sun moves across the sky. The sunflower has bright yellow petals that leap out from its wide circular face. The flower is often seen as a symbol of happiness and optimism and is an inspiration for many styles of sunflower tattoos.

There is a pair of Intricate Black and White Sunflowers tattoos.


There is a beautiful black and white tattoo of a pair of sunflowers. Two matching sunflowers are large enough to appreciate the unique artistry of the awesome flora. Smooth shading and flawless linework give this tattoo elegance and grace.

There is a tattoo of multi colored abstract art.


A burst of color and a fusion of abstract designs make this tattoo so pleasing to the eye. The ink highlights the blossom in multiple artistic styles and is suitable for both men and women. This tattoo is an excellent choice for a true artist.

There is a tattoo with floating petals.


With a straight-on view of the gorgeous golden face of a sunflower, this delicate tattoo is a captivating blend of illustration and realism. Two pretty petals float away from the sunflower. It is ideal for sensitive and spirited women.

There is a giant shoulder tattoo.


The giant sunflower shoulder tattoo has its face looking up at the sun. The focal flower can be seen in shades of black and gray. Fine linework and expert shading give this tattoo a truly authentic feel.

There is a realistic colored and textured single sunflowers tattoo.


You can feel the wind blowing against the tattoo. The flower ‘s colors and texture are the same as they are in nature. The tattoo depicts the entire plant from the dark head to the deep green stem and leaves.

There are three Sunflowers in color and grayscale.


Two more of the beautiful blossoms can be seen against a colorful background. There are more antique lace details surrounding the trio of sunflowers. The large and elaborate sunflower tattoo looks great on shoulders, forearms, legs, and thighs.

The tattoo has a soft blue background.


Like a well-composed painting, this ethereal sunflower tattoo has an enchanting beauty that is hard to look away from. The sunflowers are shown in shades of bright yellows and greens. A soft blue background adds a halo effect to this tattoo.

The elephant tattoo has Ornate Sunflowers painted on it.


A dark gray elephant has a pair of yellow sunflowers on it. The realistic elephant has golden body paint and is ornately detailed. The elephant is a symbol of power and strength.

There is a natural sunflowers tattoo.


Stunning with its complex and brilliant details, the sunflowers inherent beauty is unmistakable in this awe-inspiring tattoo. Natural brown shades complement Shades of yellows and gold. If you choose an area with plenty of skin space, you will be able to see the intricate elements of the sunflower.

The tattoo is organically Hued Sunflower.


The tattoo features the flower in a subtly hued illustrative style. The tattoo has a pretty paintbrush effect. The petals and leaves seem to be dancing on the skin.

There is a sketch tattoo of a light bulb.


A pop of color and cerebral concept make this tattoo attractive. The design features a flower bursting through the top of a light bulb. You can show the world you have both an artistic and intellectual side with this unique tattoo.

Simple line drawing.


The most simple tattoo designs speak loudest. The single line sunflower finger tattoo is straightforward and delightful. The black line drawing of a sunflower is a simple statement of fun and innocence.

There is a bright watercolor Sunflower Splash tattoo.


The tattoo looks like it is splashed on the skin with watercolor paints. The bright yellow and orange petals explode from the brown face of the sunflower. The sunflower tattoo is a bold statement for all genders.

There are two dainty Sunflowers Tattoo.


A little color goes a long way in this feminine tattoo. There are soft, subtle colors around this tattoo and along with the little blooms and leaves of the sunflower stem. Similar to an ink drawing, this lovely sunflower tattoo has its own charm.

There is a set of traditional sunflowers with leaves.


A pair of golden sunflowers lay in a bed of luscious greenery to create an inspiring floral image. The elements of the tattoo are made of greens and yellows. The flowers face, petals, stems, and leaves are beautiful.

There are more sunflower tattoos for women on the next page.

There is a bouquet of Daisies and tattoos.


This tattoo features a bouquet of gorgeous flowers with an array of colorful blooms. There is a beautiful arrangement of daisies, lilies, lavender, and greenery and the centerpiece is a sunflower. This tattoo looks amazing on the body.

The tattoo has a foliage background.


The bright and cheerful sunflower tattoo is fresh from the field. The tall grass reeds add to the movement of the tattoo. Dynamic and attractive, this classically designed sunflower tattoo with a foliage background looks great on anyone.

The Golden Sunflower tattoo has a script signature.


The colors blend together in this tattoo. The stem of the sunflowers has a signature script. Choose the name of someone you love or an inspiring word to add to the tattoo.

There is a floral cluster with a tattoo.


Surrounded by a gorgeous blend of exquisite flora, the regal sunflower is front and center in this eye-catching tattoo. There are shades of yellow, green, and blue in the coloring. The bold and beautiful sunflowers tattoo is dramatic and memorable.

There is a tattoo with circles of color.


If you like to see things from a different perspective, this is the tattoo for you. There are two circles where the true color of the bloom is visible. This tattoo is unconventional.

There is a large tattoo on the back.


The idea behind the tattoo is to go big or go home. The flower has a seed in its face, a vein in its leaves, and a crease in its petals. This is the ultimate sunflowers tattoo.

Simply Classic Sunflower Ankle Tattoo.


This ankle tattoo is classically beautiful and shows your love for the golden flora. The natural loveliness of the sunflower can be seen through a light outline and soothing colors. The dainty sunflower tattoo is a great accessory for sporty and stylish women.

There is a tattoo with bold writing.


The tattoo features a special sentiment of love at the end of the stem and is ideal for the inner wrist. You can personalize the script with your favorite word or name. The sunflower is a representation of loyalty, longevity, and admiration.

The petals are floating in the wind.


Flawless movement and motion can be seen in the tattoo as the petals float away in the wind. The tattoo has an enchanting quality because of the effortless beauty and realistic detail. There is a tattoo on a woman ‘s body.

The tattoo is in full color.


This timeless tattoo is ideal for people who love the genuine beauty of the sunflower. The gold sunflower ‘s dark face is tilted slightly away, giving it a shy, sensitive vibe. The high-quality sunflower tattoo is a representation of loyalty and love.

There is a tattoo with a phrase of love.


A tattoo with a phrase of love is a way to express your admiration and devotion. The flower has golden petals and a dark face. There is a tattoo with the words “ I love you with all my heart ”, but you can make it your own.

The tattoo is black and white.


The tattoo looks into the soul of the sunflower. The fine linework and detail make this tattoo look real. The round design of the sunflower tattoo works on backs, legs, shoulders, and thighs.

There is a realistic colored wrist tattoo.


With its face looking up towards the sun, this darling sunflower wrist tattoo is the perfect accessory for a modest yet adventurous woman. Allow your inner feelings of love, tenderness, and devotion to reflect on your skin. This dainty sunflower tattoo is very pleasing to the eye.

There is a sketch tattoo of Sunflower and Airplane.


This unique tattoo shows a high-flying airplane taking off from its base at the bottom of a noble sunflower. The perfect co-pilot for an airplane would be the sunflower. The tattoo is sure to lift your spirits.

The tattoo is black and white.


The black and white tattoo depicts a regal sunflower with perfect shading and remaining whitespace. Plants and leaves peek out from behind the sunflowers. It ‘s practical for nearly any location on the body.

There are more sunflower tattoos for girls on the next page.

The tattoo is brightly colored.


There are three spectacular sunflowers in this tattoo. The sunflowers are distinguishable from a mile away. Extra shading, distinguished colors, and heavy lines give this tattoo its individuality.

There is a Brightly Hued Sunflower tattoo.


The illustration tattoo looks like a painting on the skin. The vibrant yellow flower petals and green leaves are enhanced by purple stalks and drop shadows. Men and women can get this tattoo.

There is a pair of grayscale sunflowers.


A yellow-tinted sunflower pops out in front of two matching blossoms to create this incredible tattoo. This stylish sunflower tattoo is smooth and sophisticated. The long tattoo makes it look great on arms and legs.

The tattoo was placed gently.


Soft in appearance and strong insignificance, this ethereal sunflower tattoo looks beautiful placed gently on a woman ‘s shoulder. It may look simple at first, but fine lines are visible upon closer inspection. The black and white sunflower tattoo is powerful and humble.

There are two people with a shoulder tattoo.


A pair of breathtaking sunflowers tattoo invokes a soft, romantic feeling. The feminine duo of sunflowers have faces that are looking up and out. There is a genuine authenticity to this tattoo.

The Sunflower is standing alone in full color.


This full-color tattoo is so realistic you ca n’t tell it ‘s a tattoo. The bright yellow petals and dark seeds of the face make this tattoo so impressive. A single line acts as a stem to finish off this powerfully drawn sunflower ink.

The tattoo is deeply Saturated.


The golden and green colors are striking in this tattoo. The sunflower tattoo is strong on its own. The realistic sunflowers tattoo is perfect for the perfect person.

There is a flower collection tattoo.


The black and white outline tattoo depicts a diverse group of flowers. The flowers are brought to life by the intricate lines and dot work on this tattoo. The tattoo is great for both men and women.

The Golden Field Sunflower tattoo is striking.


The sunflower looks like it has just been picked from the field. This tattoo is extra special because of the sunshine, tiny seed details and lavender blooms. It will always feel like summer when wearing this tattoo.

The watercolor art has a blue splash.


Men and women appreciate the artistic quality of this tattoo. There are splashes of royal blue paint behind the yellow sunflowers. The brilliant sunflower tattoo has a lot of color and style.

The Sunflower Ankle Tattoo is pretty.


The sunflower ankle tattoo is pretty and colorful. The golden petals burst from the dark face of the sun. There are emerald green leaves on the ankle tattoo.

There is a tattoo with an Elaborate Backdrop.


Yellow sunflowers are a great fit for pop art-styled tattoos. The bloom process from closed to fully open is depicted in the picture. An intricate shaded background really makes this tattoo pop.

There is a floral blend outline tattoo.


A striking sunflower is the focal point of this elaborate black and white floral blend tattoo. The sensational sunflower and its botanical friends blend awesome together with their bold outlines and intricate dot work. There is a tattoo that can be placed anywhere on the body.

There is a hip tattoo with flowers.


This incredible, feminine sunflower hip tattoo is produced by intricate shading and dot work with just a hint of color blend. A richly detailed face is set inside layers of beautifully textured petals. The tattoo has charisma, romance, and sophistication.

The tattoo is in black and white.


The tattoo is strong, distinguished, and unmistakable. The tattoo on the forearm is black and white and represents strength, loyalty, and longevity. A mix of heavy and thin black lines, this is an admirable tattoo for both men and women.

There are more sunflower tattoos for women on the next page.

There is a tattoo with two birds.


There are vibrant yellows, glowing greens, and intense blues in this tattoo. There are two birds by the sun. The tattoo with two birds is eye-catching and extraordinary.

The tattoo is called Golden Sunflower.


The tattoo is encircled by a script. The bright and fun sunflower tattoo is a representation of optimism and positive vibes. To create your new favorite tattoo, surround your yellow flower with your favorite phrase.

The circle of sunshine is in a field.


Like looking through a telescope lens, this beautiful sunflower tattoo presents an entire scene straight from nature. There is a beautiful skyline with a majestic tree in the background. There are clouds in the sky.

There is a natural Sunflowers tattoo.


A pair of natural sunflowers delicately set on the small of a woman ‘s back. Drop shadows and accurate shading make the sunflowers stand out. It ‘s best for daydreamers and romantics.

The tattoo is small and realistic.


These dainty ankle tattoos look like they are growing out of the skin. With heads held high towards the sky, these pretty blossoms showcase the sunflowers golden petals and deep green leaves. This ladylike sunflower tattoo is detailed and delicate.

There is a face towards the sun.


The face of the glorious sunflower is proudly facing the rising sun. The tattoo shows the flower in its true state. Having an enlightening quality, philosophers and intellectuals tend to enjoy this tattoo.

There is a tattoo of a Sunflower Triangle.


The sunflower tattoo has many different elements that interact with one another. Spectacular natural colors of the brilliant sunflower are illuminated by a triangular outline. There are black and white petals and leaves outside of the triangle.

The black and white tattoo is detailed.


Even without its traditional yellow colors, the well-defined sunflower is unmistakable in this black and white tattoo. The intricate details in the sunflowers petals and seeds are brought out by fine linework. The tattoo looks almost three-dimensional on the skin.

The leg tattoo is bright and colorful.


This breathtakingly dynamic full-leg tattoo includes all the amazingly vibrant colors of sunflowers. From the hip to the ankle, this multi-colored sunflower tattoo is a constant flow of artistry. It takes a woman who is passionate and fearless.

The pair of shoulder tattoos are black and white.


There are two noble sunflowers side by side in this tattoo. The leaves blow in the wind. Like the regal blooms themselves, this striking grayscale sunflower tattoo signifies endurance, strength, and loyalty.

There is an elephant tattoo with three flowers.


The growth of elephants and the fertility of sunflowers are represented in this tattoo. A mix of gray and color, this sunflower tattoo is elegant with a hint of the divine. This tattoo is truly breathtaking, from the subtle grays of the elephant to the golds and greens in the flower.

There is a black and white outline.


The tattoo shows happiness, hope, and optimism. The three elegant sunflowers lay in a row of love. As you represent the inner and outer beauty of the sunflower, wear this tattoo with pride.

The tattoo is heavy and dark.


Dark lines, deep shadows, and feathered texture give this tattoo its drawing power. It ‘s stunning on its own or with the accompanying floral. Both men and women can appreciate the strength of this tattoo.

There is a mixed media triangle and a tattoo.


There are distinct artistic design styles for the mixed media triangle and sunflower tattoo. Outside a triangular shape, black and white leaves and petals are visible. There are yellow petals and dark seeds in this tattoo.

The tattoo is soft and sensitive.


The depiction of a golden sunflower standing tall on a single green stem emits an inviting and graceful feeling. It ‘s light and airy, and it ‘s a nice option for sensitive and compassionate individuals. Natural colors are what bring this tattoo to life.

There are 60 best sunflowers tattoo ideas and designs.

Each tattoo is unique and special, just like the sunflowers, as seen in these 60 stunning images. Whatever your reason for getting a tattoo, this collection should serve as an inspiration. Sunflowers are a timeless symbol of strength and happiness. They are admired for their sunny disposition. It is no wonder why so many people choose the glorious sunflowers for their tattoos.

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