how to make paper sunflowers with Your cricut (FREE sunflower Cricut SVG)

You can make Paper Sunflowers with my new rolled paper flower template.

There are instructions.

The first step is to get access to and download my flower.

If you already have access to my Resource Library, you can download the Sunflower Paper Flower template.

If you do n’t have access yet, you can get it for free by clicking this link or filling out the form at the bottom of the post.

When you ‘re in my resource library, just search or scroll until you see the flower. Go to the website and download the file.

where to download the sunflower cricut svg from my resource library

The second step is to import my template into the design space.

You ‘re going to import the file you just downloaded into Design Space so that you can cut it. Design Space is the software you use to tell your machine what to do. Go to Cricut if you do n’t have it yet. Design Space can be downloaded for free.

You can import the SVG once you open Design Space.

Click on the project you want to work on.

Click on the option toUpload.

Click on the image you want to upload.

For this project, choose the sva file.

Click on the option toUpload.

You uploaded a file from the library.

Click on the images you want to insert.

Step 3: Resize the Sunflower Paper Flower Template

The flower is in two parts when you import it. The flower can be made out of two colors. Brown for the center and yellow for the petals. Both pieces will be grouped so that when you resizing them, they will be the same size. The flower parts have the right proportions.

While the two parts are still grouped, I recomment resizing. You can leave them this way and not have a reason to ungroup them.

If you do n’t change the size of the flowers, they will be about 3. 75 inches wide. You can make your end flowers bigger or smaller by rearranging the spirals.

what the sunflower paper flower template looks like in design spaceStep 4: Cut Out Your Sunflower Spirals

Pick out the parts you want to cut. You need to have a color for the petals and a color for the disk. I used yellow for the petals and brown for the center.

Put your yellow paper on your mat and press firmly along the paper. This will make sure that the paper does n’t come up while you cut it.

Click “ Make it ” in Design Space when you turn on your machine.

You want to check two things. Make sure your machine is set to cut Cardstock, either on the Explore Air 2 dial or in Design space.

Make sure you use the fine tip blade when you check the blade in your machine. If you ‘ve never changed your blade, you ‘re good to go.

Click on the double sided arrows if you want to slide your mat into the machine. The button with the Cricut C on it will start flashing when the mat is pulled in. Press the button.

Your machine will start cutting. Pressing the double sided arrow again will allow you to unload the mat.

The same steps are repeated with the brown sheet of paper.

cutting a cricut flower template spiral using a cricut machineStep 5: Assemble Your Sunflower Cricut Flowers

We are going to make your gorgeous sunflowers with our paper flowers.

We start by rolling when I explain how to assemble Cricut flowers. We are going to start by glue.

We glue the two pieces together to make a flower. You can find the end of the spiral by grabbing your yellow piece. Add some glue to that spot. Press the center of the brown piece into the glue. It should look like this.

how to glue the parts of the sunflower template for cricut together

There is a circle in the center of the brown spiral. You want the circle to face down and the ridges to face up.

To make sure the two pieces stick, hold them together for a few seconds. You should be good to go once the glue has cooled.

We ‘re going to start rolling.

If you ‘re using a tool, grab it. This makes the process go quicker.

You can find the end of your spiral by sliding it into the quilling tool. Roll until the brown and yellow parts are rolled together.

curling a sunflower paper flower using a quilling tool

Do n’t freak out. We are going to let the flower grow a bit.

We will get a better result from this. You do n’t want your flower to be stuck in a roll. You can see what I mean by watching my video.

Then add a drop of hot glue on the center of the brown portion and fold the brown circle over and onto the glue. Hold the flap down until it cools off.

gluing the center of a sunflower paper flower with hot glue

If you want, you can score the center of each flower to make a slight fold and make it look more natural. I use my nail to scratch a line.

scoring the petals of a sunflower paper flower

The yellow petals are likely to be loose at this point. Re-roll the yellow sunflowers and put them back in place, but still a bit loose. Add a drop of hot glue on the bottom of the brown flap and fold the yellow flap over to glue it against the brown flap.

how to finish assembling a sunflower cricut flower

How it is secured for a few seconds.

You ‘re almost done!

The flower petals are adjusted.

The only thing left is to arrange the petals. The petals should be folded from the outside to the inside. If you fold them back, you do n’t need to roll them back like we do when making flowers bloom in my other flower tutorials.

folding petals back on a nearly complete sunflower paper flower

If you get to the center, you can put the flower down and press the petals back, but that ‘s up to you.

What do you think about it ?

sunflower cricut sunflower svg free

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