Flower meaning & symbolism – here is what you didn’t know about sunflowers


sunflowers are full of joy and bring summertime to mind. Of lazy sunny days and swaying to the sunny breeze, the ever-popular sunflowers are christened from two Greek words. The sun and anthos flower are related. If that is n’t the ultimate tanning queen move, we do n’t know what is!

If you are not crazy about sunflowers now, you will fall in love with them after you. There are different meanings of sunflowers and the best times to give them to people you want to share joy with.

There are flowers in Greek mythology.


In ancient Greece, a nymph named Clytie fell in love with Apollo, god of the sun. Apollo did not acknowledge or reciprocate Clytie ‘s feelings. The nymph became a flower and turned towards the sun so she could always be with the one she loved. According to Greek mythology, she still hopes to see Apollo return to her someday in his chariot.

There is a tale of worship and adoration.

In the Greek myth, sunflowers follow the sun as it sets in the west and rises in the east. The leaves of sunflowers have been found to be heliotropic. The leaves are phototropic and tend to grow towards the light source. When the sunflowers bloom, they are no longer heliotropic, but fixated on the East, where the sun rises.

Many people still associate sunflowers with worship and adoration because they appear to always face the sun. The seeds symbolize faith and love. If you want to express your love for your loved one, you can send it to them. Sunflowers are often photographed stretching their tall stalks and bright petals towards the sun. This is how sunflowers came to mean worship. If you would like to send flowers to your loved ones, this is a good place to start.

The city of Cheyenne has a population of 169.


A bouquet that men and boys will love. Cheyenne ‘s artistic mix of sunflowers, yellow lilies, and caspia would make your loved one happy.

There is joy and happiness.

The sunflowers have tall stalks, giant heads, and are adorned with yellow petals. The sunflowers seem to emit positive energy and good vibes from the sun itself, if we close our eyes and listen closely. Any occasion worth celebrating and creating memories with your loved ones is a great place to give a sunflowers arrangement. When your bestie is feeling down, you know what you need to cheer them up – a bouquet of flowers.

The person is named Darlene.


The perfect curation is Taiwanese sunflowers, red roses and pink alstroemeria. It is guaranteed to lift spirits and spread positive vibes.

There is goldilocks.


This flower gift box is from the Newborn Collection. The perfect baby gift box is handcrafted with flowers and fruit. This newborn baby gift will make your loved one ‘s day brighter.

A symbol of provision.


The seeds came from North America and were sold by Russia. The sunflowers are a true cultivated crop in North America. When sunflowers were a natural food source, they were picked by hunters and gatherers. The seeds could be ground and put into flour for bread. The oil from the seeds could be used for cooking. The sunflowers were domesticated in parts of North America, such as New Mexico and Arizona.

This is where the symbolism of provision began. Is it possible that these flowers were once hunted for nutrition ? The Russian Orthodox Church forbid most oils to be consumed during Lent, but not sunflower oil. We still have food products made from sunflowers, such as a healthy snack and oil for cooking. All the nutrition we needed was provided by sunflowers, they provided love and joy as well.

There is longevity and immortality.


The symbolism of longevity and good luck can be seen in the symbol of the sunflower. To the Chinese, the yellow colour is a sign of strength and intelligence. It is a symbol of happiness. The Chinese royalty ate the seeds as a snack to achieve immortality. At that time, sunflowers were believed to have powers of immortality, as well as being a representation of longevity.

With their tall stalks still standing, unwavered even on the hottest summer days, it ‘s no wonder that these gorgeous yellow blooms symbolize a long, long life. sunflowers are the best gift to give if you want to wish someone a long life filled with joy and happiness.

The Charismatic has a price of RM 269.


There is a grand gesture of love with orange birds of paradise, sunflowers, orange orchids and golden showers.

A symbol against nuclear weapons.


As golden sundrops are sent down to earth after a storm, they symbolize a bright future. Many people do n’t know that sunflowers play a significant role at the frontline of anti-nuclear revolutions. A radioactive spill from a nuclear power plant caused an earthquake in Japan in 2011. The power plant emits radioactive substances into the city. The Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project was launched in an effort to absorb the toxicity.

Scientists found that sunflowers can absorb radiation at a much faster rate than other plants. Koyu Abe, a Buddhist monk, distributed seeds to volunteers who would harvest them. There were over 8 million sunflowers planted that year. More than just clearing up a nuclear tragedy, sunflowers were a symbol of hope and faith to restore Japan, and it helped the citizens move towards a better future.

sunflower seeds were planted at the missile base as the Ukrainian government committed to a nuclear-free initiative and hoped for peace between future generations after giving up nuclear weapons in favour of world peace. The happy flower is part of a fight against nuclear weaponry.

They still symbolize a bright future. If your loved one needs a little encouragement and cheering up, sunflowers are a great gift. You can send flowers to your loved one today.

There is a song called “ Calypso ”


It ‘s always summer here. The bouquet of flowers is made of lush sunflowers, red roses, pink alstroemeria and eucalyptus leaves.

Cindy had a price.


Cindy brings a ray of sunshine to symbolize a bright future after graduation. There is a graduation flower bouquet made of flowers.

Giselle has a price.


Giselle can send a message of love that never ends. There are hot cherry pink roses and dancing lady in this arrangement.

The best flower for friendship.


sunflowers are the perfect symbol of a friendship that lasts forever. A large bouquet of sunflowers would make someone happy. It is warm and bright like a summer day. The bright yellow petals symbolize cheerfulness between friends. Their tall stalks resemble a friendship that spans for miles, no matter what the distance, and their abundant seeds represent a friendship with meaning and fulfillment. They light up your world and would do anything to make you happy. You and your friend may love these ideas.

Tinkerbell cost 78.


Tinkerbell is a dainty arrangement that will make your bestie say “ awwww ”. This beauty is made of red berries, baby ‘s breath, and sunflower leaves.

The favourite is RM 99.


The warmth of friendship is represented by orange roses. Love and loyalty can be seen in the symbols of sunflowers and matthiolas. This is a great way to surprise your favourite person. Cheers to a wonderful friendship.

The yellow petals, tall stalks, and seed of the gorgeous blooms have a rich history to tell. Now you know ?


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