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Plants vs. Zombies.pngSunflower

You need to produce extra sun with the help of sunflowers. Try to plant as many as possible.

There are statistics in the Almanac.

Sun cost.

It ‘s time to charge.


There are in-game statistics.

Sun production.

First 25 sun after 7 seconds.

There are improvements to be made.

Twin Sunflower

It is unlocked.

After defeating Level.

Sunflower is able to bounce to the beat. Which beat is that, the life-giving rhythm of the Earth itself ?

Sunflower is the second plant and first sun-producing plant received in the first Plants vs. Zombies game. She is a plant capable of generating sun over time, allowing the player to plant additional plants with ease.

Almanac entry

Sunflowers are essential for you to produce extra sun. Try planting as many as you can!
Sun production: normal
Sunflower can’t resist bouncing to the beat. Which beat is that? Why, the life-giving jazzy rhythm of the Earth itself, thumping at a frequency only Sunflower can hear.
Cost: 50 Recharge: fast


Twin Sunflower is a new upgrade. She produces 50 sun every 24 seconds, twice as much as a normal Sunflower.


The player will receive a primary sun producer in the form of sunflowers. Having enough Sunflowers will allow the player to gather sufficient sun and as a result purchase additional offensive plants to fend off the horde more easily. Her ability to be upgraded into Twin Sunflower gives her a niche in Survival Mode, where planting spaces will be very limited and the player will need to generate as much as possible for every tile. Sun-shroom is cheaper and can produce sun faster at early levels, which will make Sunflower worse than Sun-shroom in Night and Fog levels.

The minimum requirement for completing most typical levels will be one column of Sunflower, while two to three columns should allow the purchase of more expensive plants such as Gatling Pea and Melon-pult, giving the player more freedom in tactical choices. The pool lanes are ideal for planting additional Sunflowers due to the relative lack of dangerous enemies, but the player should be cautious against ambushes when a flag comes.

Sunflowers can either be planted on the leftmost columns for the maximum amount of protection or in front of offensive plants as a last line of defense, although the latter strategy may hinder plant placement as the level progresses and makes sun production somewhat inconsistent, as the Sunflowers are likely to get eaten

If there are zombies nearby, plant Umbrella Leaves to protect them from the basketballs. Pumpkins are usually protected by Sunflowers that are in danger. A player can put her in the second column and use defensive plants in the first column.

Sunny Days.png

The days were sunny.

Accumulate 8000 Sun during a single level.


A culturalist.

Collect all 49 plants.

Giant Sunflower


He does his job.

The code of the game contains unused content and images in this section, which are not accessible by normal means.

There is a giant Sunflower.

50 Sun is given to you by Giant Sunflowers.

There is a charge

The rate of the sun.

Special :

50 Sun is produced every 24 seconds.


First appearance.

Big Time

Plants are seen in a canceled game. It can produce as much sun as Twin Sunflower.

Big Time

There are Giant Wall-nuts and Giant Marigolds in the canceled mini-game Big Time. She will appear as a Giant Sunflower if the player views the Sunflower in the Suburban Almanac while playing Big Time.

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In other languages

United States of America English Sunflower
China Simplified Chinese

as nickname in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West

Chinese name of “sunflower”lit. “Little Sunflower” as nickname in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West
Traditional Chinese

as nickname in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West

France French Tournesol French name of “sunflower”, pun is retained
Germany German Sonnenblume German name of “sunflower”, pun is retained
Italy Italian Girasole Italian name of “sunflower”, pun is retained
Japan Japanese English name transliterated into Japanese
Spain Spanish Girasol Spanish name of “sunflower”, pun is retained


  • There is a Zombatar tab in the Plants vs. The official website of zombies has a Sunflower with yellow hair.
  • She and Twin Sunflower did n’t light up when they produced sun. The glitch was fixed in later versions.
  • The Game of the Year packs have a figurine.
  • There are Sunflower-related merchandise in the Xbox Live marketplace. The glasses cost 80 Microsoft Points, the packet costs 240 Microsoft Points, and the dress costs 160 Microsoft Points.
  • The Halloween event from The Sims Social has a gift for players who clicked on the post of The Sims Social.
  • If the player plays Level 1-2 and picks Puff-shroom but not Sunflower, they will get a warning message which says, “ Now that it ‘s nighttime, you need Sunflowers more than ever. ” Do you want to play the level without them ?
  • Laura Shigihara is the voice of a Sunflower in the music video played upon completing Adventure Mode. She moves quicker to match the beat of the song.
  • Unless it is a night level, Sunflower is always pre-selected in the Java version. Sun-shroom will be pre-selected at that time.
  • There is a pack offertilizer in the Zen Garden mode.
  • She will produce the first sunlight in 4 to 8 seconds.

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